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How To Lean Against Stuff With Jason Mewes

Jay, of Jay and Silent Bob, came to BuzzFeed, where we told him WTF the internet was — so he showed us how to properly lean against things. Dude, I think I just filled the cup.

Step 1: Find the perfect surface.

Too much glass

Too many doors

This looks promising...

Feels about right...

Too fucking talkative.

Not quite stable enough.

Hmm. Just right.

Step 2: Limber up, motherfucker.

Step 3: Break out the boom box...

And listen to some tunes (playlist by Mr. Mewes himself).

Step 4: Find a friend to handle the boombox, so you can dance.

A less mobile friend.

Step 5: Now just fuckin' leeeeeeean.


Snooch to the motherfuckin' nooch


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