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    5 Stages Of Scandal Grief

    For those Gladiators out there who are currently enduring the lack of Scandal in your lives, and who have checked themselves into Scandal Rehab.

    1. Stage 1: Denial

    As we are currently all here, and will be for a while since this is the first week without a new Scandal Episode. We are all still in denial at the fact that Olitz may have been over (again) at the end of the finale. Also, for those who are TeamJake, he now has to sit in the hole for an entire summer because Daddy Rowen (yes, the one thing we are probably most in denial about) put him there after sending him to sleep with Olivia Pope (talk about family issues). We are also in denial in general of the fact that we have to wait until FALL 2013 to find out if Quinn stays all "I'm Quinn Bitch" and if Huck has yet again succumb to "752" (we are rooting for you huckleberryquinn).

    2. AND THIS

    THIS is the one thing that we are ALL in denial about. The one thing that NO ONE wanted to see. Fitz walking away from Olivia and crawling to Mellie. DENIED. This leads to our next stage...anger.

    3. Stage 2: Anger

    Who else to pick than Cyrus himself. He depicts anger in every episode. I'm not angry at the season finale. In Shonda we trust. However, I am angry at the fact that I now have to go to Scandal Rehab because we were left with more questions than were answered. Yes, the mole was exposed (damn Billy Chambers came out of no where), and yes we all thought Olivia's plan for her and Olitz was PERFECT. But then, she kisses Jake (hey he deserved it, he saved her life), but it wasn't Fitz so to that we say BOOOO! Olitz breaks up, WHAT THE HUCK >:( and he goes back to Mellie?! <-----THIS is why we are angry. The other thing that angers us, WHO THE HELL EXPOSED OLITZ?! They are about to get Gladiated and we are about to put Quinn's newfound badass-ness to use. Olivia Pope better HANDLE THAT.

    4. Stage 3: Bargaining

    This guy, David Rosen (Josh Malina) knows how to go from anger to bargaining. Some things we wouldn't mind bargaining in Season 3. You can let Jake stay in the hole (sorry Jake, but it's one less obstacle for Olitz). Would it be so bad to admit Olivia as his mistress? If it's out, then they can be together right? Hmm...I'm liking that bargain instead of denying it (that just leads us back to Stage 1, we are trying to progress). But, in Shondaland there is no forever, only heartbreak and heart attacks (sorry Cyrus).

    5. Stage 4: Depression

    Yes, this stage we have all hit already. It settled in nicely, and hit us hard. Olitz is over (for now) and people can't handle that. People need to see other dysfunctional relationships on tv to know that there's isn't so bad. But now we have expectations of the relationship created, and that's just never good either. Scandal is over for the summer, and people don't know what to do on Thursday's anymore. It is a sad thing, but hey we can always rewatch the episodes as we plan to from the beginning. We call it Scandal Rehab, even though it's feeding to the addiction and probably going to make people angrier about the finale (again, trying to move forward). We are almost out of this gladiators, last step.

    6. Stage 5: Acceptance

    WE MADE IT GLADIATORS. The last and final stage of Scandal Grief. To accept the fact that even thought Season 2 is over, we can still rewatch Season 1 and Season 2. We can accept the fact that Olitz may be over now, but Olivia Pope does not give up, and neither should you (I mean if she did, we wouldn't have much of a show would we). We can also accept the fact that there may be some Daddy issues that has created Olivia Pope's horrible taste in men (let's face it, she's a mess when it comes to relationships). So put on your white hat and be a gladiator. Hang in there SummerGladiators, Fall 2013 will come soon enough, and we will start our grieving process all over, because that's what Shonda does to us (thank you).

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