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What Type Of Bond Are YOU?

Are you an ionic, covalent, or hydrogen bond? Take this quiz and find out!

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  1. 1. You and your best friend want the last piece of cake. You decide to


    Why not share the delicious vanilla cake with chocolate frosting? It is both of your favorite.

    Take the cake for yourself

    Lets get real, you need it more than she does.

    Give it to someone else

    You do LOVE to interact with others, might as well bond over a piece of cake!

  2. 2. You're off to a party where you don't know anyone except your best friend, who happens to be your complete opposite. At the party, you

    Talk to everyone there, socializing with the whole party

    Instantly you bond with everyone

    Stay with your friend, I mean opposites attract right?
    Have your friend introduce you to everyone

    Lets share the popularity, I mean together we are the life of the party

  3. 3. You and your friends go trick or treating on Halloween. One house has a bowl outside with candy on the doorstep. What do you do?

    Take them all!!

    Nobody else needs them anyway

    split a candy bar with your friend

    Sharing is caring

    Share all of your candy with all of your friends

    You just love to make friends!

  4. 4. Theres a party this weekend and you have no idea what to wear! What do you do?

    Buy a new outfit, you have to impress so you can bond with everyone!
    Take your friends pants and give her your top

    Those skinny jeans would look so much better on you, and she rocks your green top!

    Raid your friend's closet

    You DO need to look better than she does after all

  5. 5. You have a group project with two of your best friends, and you need to get an A. What do you do?

    Do all the work

    You need to take all of this, you need this grade more than they do!

    Sweet talk the teacher

    You've always been better bonding with other people, I mean you are stronger with more friends

    Split the work

    YOU NEED HELP. Lets share the work!

What Type Of Bond Are YOU?

You got: IONIC
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