There’s No Reason Not To Build A Fort

Forts are the most amazing invention to grace this earth, and there is no excuse good enough to deny anyone that happiness.

1. “I’m too big to have fun in a fort.”

Or you’re making them too small. Now go build a fort.

2. “But they’re just too hard to construct.”

A simple fort takes no time at all. Now go build a fort.

3. “But once I’m inside, I’m SO BORED!”

Innovation at its finest. Now go build a fort.

4. “But I don’t have any blankets.”

Who wrote the rule that blankets are the only proper building material? Now go build a fort.

6. “But I’m at work.”

Um, you have a lunch break. Take advantage of it. Now go build a fort.

8. “But it’s too nice out to be inside all day.”

Totally agree. Now go build a fort.

9. “But now it’s too dark outside.”

Time to break out the christmas lights! Now go build a fort.

10. “But I have a date tonight.”

And this is a problem because…? Now go build a fort.

11. “But forts are too hot and stuffy.”

Problem solved. Now go build a fort.

12. “But I’m on vacation.”

Which means you have all the time in the world. Now go build a fort.

13. “But I only enjoy the finer things in life.”

Well, after your equestrian training, go build a fort.

14. “But my dorm room is too small for a fort.”

Dude. Your campus is huge. Now go build a fort.

16. “But I have to study for the big test tomorrow.”

Great! Textbooks love to feel cozy, too. Now go build a fort.

17. “But the guys are coming over.”

Bonding time! Now go build a fort.

18. “But our styles of fort building are so different.”

Fine. I wouldn’t want to be in your fort either. Now let’s go build some forts.

19. “But I live on a boat.”

Aye, aye, captain! Now go build a fort.

20. “But I won’t get anything out of it.”

Except you’ll get EVERYTHING out of it. Now go build a fort.

21. Now that it’s on your mind…

22. Ignore the haters…

25. Grab some blankets…

26. Get the essentials ready…


28. You’ll be so happy you did.

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