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Look At These 19 Adorable Cats In Punk Vests

It would be hardcore if it wasn't so friggin' cute.

1. Excited to take the finished vest out on its first run.

2. Scratch back.

3. Come on cat, if you knock a guy down in the pit you gotta help him back up.

4. This cat isn't wearing a punk vest, but he's pretty sure he has an old denim vest in his closet he could use to make one.

5. Sick back patch, man.

6. What are the realities of meow?

7. This kitten's favorite thrift shop ran out of patches.

8. Punk vests are the one clothing item that can match with your buddies and no one has to change.

9. OI.

10. Understated, but classic.

11. Just finding out the show started an hour ago.

12. Obscuring homework or new lyrics for her crustpunk project?

13. Eh, could use more studs.

14. Maybe try a smaller size?

15. Clearly does not feel like bringing the punx tonight.

16. Is this just the way cats pose in punk vests?

17. Yup.

18. Same pose, awesome slogan.

19. Man, EVERYONE has that Black Flag shirt.


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