Here’s The Cast Of Breaking Bad As Dogs


1. This is what happens when “Barking Bad” becomes a meme and it’s just as perfect as you’d expect.

I have never been more afraid of a cocker spaniel in my life.

2. Wait. If this is a female dog Jesse’s “bitch” use is finally justified!

Is it weird he’s still kinda handsome with floppy ears?

3. This is actually pretty perfect.

Skylar and this collie look equally disapproving.

4. Walt Jr.’s eyes ask the same question in both pictures: “Breakfast?”

5. Shiba Inu Walter White.

6. Here are the guys if they also cooked meth with an adorable talking dog chemist.

7. Not this dog.

He has no idea what he’s doing.

8. This dog. This dog makes Blue Sky.

Good boy.

9. Every episode of Breaking Bad as told by dogs:


10. Bonus: Heisenberg reveals his true identity as a grumpy, murderous housecat.

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