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    21 iPhone Alarms That Will Definitely Get You Up

    Waking up is haaaaaaaard.

    1. There's the fandom-motivation method.

    2. For those who realize "beauty sleep" hinges on waking up in time to get your shit together.

    3. Waking up through tough love.

    4. Tough love, part II: begging.

    5. The alarm that echoes the first thing you think in the morning.

    6. The caps lock methodology at work.

    7. A musical wake-up call.

    8. The infamous, roommate-infuriating alarm gauntlet.

    9. The "you know the drill" method.

    10. Motivation via delicious breakfast.

    11. The safety-first treatment.

    12. The Evanescence method at work.

    13. For when you need Help getting up.

    14. Real talk.

    15. The inscrutable emoji wake-up method.

    16. Positivity!

    17. The opposite of positivity!

    18. Compliments that hard pivot into orders.

    19. Na na na na na na na na WAKE UP.

    20. The ever-reliable "you were already really tired when you tried to set your alarm so it feels like a drunk person is trying to wake you up" method.

    21. Your alarm clock's internal monologue.