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    • Response to What Vegans Eat:

      Holy dinah. All these people getting mad at us vegans for saying vegany things…. ON A VEGAN IMAGE! Come on, if you don’t like the vegan life style get the fuck off the picture about what vegans eat. I know far more meat eaters that try to shove their beliefs down my throat… Where do you get your protein? I would die without meat! But bacon is so delicious! Do you want some of my *insert meat here* while shoving it my face trying to “tempt” me.  We tell people we are vegan right off the bat so that we can try and avoid the awkwardness of explaining as we sit down to a dinner party and the meal is in front of us. We are pretty good at bringing our own food and looking after ourselves. It is scientifically proven that the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle can be completely healthy and meet all nutritional requirements. I choose what I eat just like you choose what you eat.

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