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    We Should All Start Dressing Like We're In "Dirty Dancing" ASAP

    Baby Houseman, let me have your wardrobe!

    Remember this film? Of course you do.

    We can all agree that Baby had the best outfits ever, right?

    Look at this dress: it's perfect.

    Flowy. Pink. Perfect.

    But putting aside the dresses, there were so many adorable tie front shirts!

    Even sweaty, this outfit is fantastic.

    And seriously: can we talk about that pink skirt?

    And let's not forget all the crop tops, tights and leotards that also took center stage.

    And remember this outft?

    Of course you do! How could you forget Baby's jorts?

    Is there a support group for Baby Houseman fashion fans?

    Baby had a great taste in cardigans, too.

    Oversized sweaters need to make a comeback ASAP.

    Her sister's style's not bad either. It's about time for florals to come back into style.

    So basically, let's all bust out that Dirty Dancing style!