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    • Sashabaz

      Agreed. I think Doreenaklyoy’s comment only enforced your point. “If you were such an ally… you wouldn’t be asking that question” So basically she’s saying: shut the hell up, you’re a man. It can’t possibly be as bad for you as for women. Stop moaning! I used to work in an office where I was the only guy there. The ladies there opened my eyes to the realities of sexism. It’s a majority issue NOT a gender issue… They were seriously sexist against men, and if anything was said about it they’d just laugh and continue with more. That being said, I’m a man so I was able to handle that without tears :-P Boom!

    • Sashabaz

      Number 11. should come with the suffix - unless you are a model or famous.
      13 couldn’t be more true. Women will read into the remarks and take what they want from them. When they are said I’m sure the guys are not thinking “ooo, how can I harass this lady or make her feel like shit?” It stems from them thinking you are hot. Is that a bad thing to be told that? ok some guys have shitty vocab and therefore use terms like “bitch”. If someone says “Damn Beautiful” and you can’t take that as a positive compliment of the way you look then I think the problem lies within you.
      That being said I have only once heard a guy talk like that to a woman he didn’t know… He said “Sup Bitch!” and she walked away… not surprising really.

    • Sashabaz

      A few points:1- you can always tell the guys NOT to touch you. Unless you do not have the power to speak, then walk around withasign around your neck expressing that sentiment.2- You are essentially acting as an attention seeker when you get dressed up in almost nothing and walk around with your ass and tits hanging out (as many, but not all, of these female cosplayers do). Don’t be shocked/surprised when you get attention from men, or that people have different levels of personal space boundaries that might not fit with yours3- It’s just as discriminating when these articles lump ALL men into this groping/sexual assault/rape bull. Reading these articles makes out that ALL men are rapists in waiting. We are not.4- It is VERY annoying when people use terms such as rape and sexual harassment so loosely. Neither should be taken lightly. People taking pics of you in public, no. People putting their arm around your waist (therefore touching you) when takingaphoto is alsoano. Up-skirt pics, ass grabbing and boob caressing without consent… yes.

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