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7 Ways Millenials Are The New Counterculture

Is it just a coincidence that Harry Styles is Mick Jagger's twin?

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The 1960s were a time when the world was shifting from poodle skirts and "parking" to the wild rebellion of free love, LSD and passionate activism of the famously known counterculture.

Those were the times our parents pretend to forget but live to remember barring the memories have not been obliterated by questionable substances. For a brief moment in time, rules were broken and it was completely acceptable. These were the people who stood up for the right not to waste away in an office building and chased their dreams of basket weaving on a nudist commune.

Despite the seemingly outrageous behavior of the sixties and seventies, history is very obviously repeating itself. Yup. Right before our very eyes, crop tops, daisies and pubic hair are back and we have millennials to thank for that. Millenials are officially the new counterculture and there is absurd amounts of proof.

The famously known Woodstock was the festival to start all festivals. The amount of love children made that summer likely contributed to overpopulation and Harry Styles resembling Mick Jagger. But it was only a matter of years before millennials took over a farm in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee, to recreate simpler times. Bonnarroo has become one of the largest music festivals of the year that anyone with a crop top and tie-dye is attending.

High-waisted shorts, body paint, braids, bracelets, shawls, ponchos, headbands. Nope, not a Woodstock-inspired Pinterest board, just the spring collection at Forever 21.

It's safe to say most songs from the sixties and seventies were either written about drugs or written on drugs. Comparing Miley Cyrus to Janis Joplin is blasphemous but singing about molly and lighting up on stage at the Grammys is slightly familiar.

Whether it's a protest to end a war, legalize pot or other green initiatives, Millenials stand up for what they believe in. Speaking up and fighting for a cause was the basis of the counterculture movement and ironically kept alive by the Selfie Generation.

Free Love

Apparently Millenials call it the hook-up culture but we all know what it means. Everyone is having sex with each other without judgment. Sound familiar? The summer of 1967 was literally labeled "the Summer of Love."

The Beatles took some time off from rocking and rolling to travel abroad in hopes of becoming enlightened. They called it transcendental enlightenment, Millenials call it hot yoga but the movement is all the same.

So. Much. Hair. Whether it's a beard, a bush, a man bun or free flowing armpit hair there is a ton of it and it's everywhere. Remember those pictures of your parents when they met? Your mom likely had long straight hair and your dad probably looked like a yeti...or like Jared Leto. But less hot, because it's your dad.

Despite the millenial generation being hotly discussed and mostly hated by older generations, they're a replica of the days of yore. They live by chasing passion not paychecks and question everything. Hate them or love them, they're our little hippie generation and they make life hell of a lot more fun.

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