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Why Gigi And Zayn’s Breakup Bums Me Out

I’ve struggled for most of my life to find my Muslim and Palestinian heritage reflected in American pop culture. So I wasn’t heartbroken over the breakup of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, the actual people, as much as I was over what their relationship represented.

Sara Yasin One year ago

I Tried Out Being A Stock Image Model

I will henceforth be known as "Woman Laughing Alone With Pizza."

Sara Yasin 2 years ago

Muslims Shouldn’t Have To Be “Good” To Be Granted Human Rights

My mother would always remind me, “Sara, when people see you in hijab, you are representing Islam.” And whether I liked it or not, she was right.

Sara Yasin 2 years ago

All 29 Injured Released From Hospital After Bombing In Manhattan

The bomb exploded around 8:30 p.m. on 23rd Street in Manhattan's busy Chelsea neighborhood. A second device was removed from 27th Street several hours later.

Salvador Hernandez 3 years ago

Graffiti Artists Write "Homeland Is Racist" In Arabic On The Show's Set In Berlin

One of the artists told BuzzFeed News that they wanted to use the show itself to "highlight the danger that popular shows like this have on real people."

Sara Yasin 4 years ago

17 Things Unmarried Arab Girls Are Tired Of Hearing


Sara Yasin 4 years ago