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I Tried Out Being A Stock Image Model

I will henceforth be known as "Woman Laughing Alone With Pizza."

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Stock images have long been one of my favorite things online, especially when they can get inexplicably bizarre — and uh, sort of dark.

Naturally, stock images that are bizarre in the right way have gone viral over the years. The "distracted boyfriend" meme is still popping on my timeline, months after it first went viral.

But my all-time favorite meme to come out of stock images is "Women Laughing Alone With Salad," which all started with a 2011 post by Edith Zimmerman on the Hairpin that just showed a series of stock images in which women seemed to be really, really, jazzed about eating a salad. The meme went viral and it was even adapted for the stage.

Flashback to a bunch of #women laughing alone with #salad #MeatFreeMonday😂

So a few weeks ago, I stopped in a restaurant to eat a pizza on my way home from work, and it was incredible. Feeling a little pizza drunk, I tweeted that I'd be happy to pose for "Woman Laughing While Eating Pizza Alone" — and the folks at Shutterstock, a huge stock image site, offered to make that happen.


That meant that the photos turned out to be as, well, cheesy as you would expect them to be.


A stock image photographer's goal, according to Walker, is to get as many versions of the theme they're going for as possible. So that meant that we had to show how happy I was to be eating pizza in many different ways.

Walker also had me pose for one of the more over-the-top series of images that you might find on the site. With this one, he wanted to give a nod to the "distracted boyfriend" meme.