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    Everyday Things That Seemed Inexpensive When I Was Younger, But Literally Could Cost An Arm And Leg

    If you have nice towels, I'm going to assume you're rolling in dough.

    1. Cheese

    Bag of cheese with caption, "actual bag of cheese I bought for $5 that will likely last me *maybe* four days"
    H-E-B Stores / Via BuzzFeed

    I can totally understand why it's so pricey though. Like, what else would I do? Raise cows and make my own cheese? No thanks.

    2. Glasses

    Velma wearing glasses.
    Warner Bros.

    You're telling me there's people who can just wake up and see, without paying $200 a pop? Smh.

    3. Doctor appointments

    Doctor holding up Homer Simpson's x-rays

    First, I'm sick or injured, and then you're going to charge me a bill that's equivalent to three months' rent? Thanks.

    4. Shoes

    Marty McFly on a skateboard, showing off his Nikes
    Warner Bros.

    Holes and tears just give it more of a grunge look anyways.

    5. Gas

    Gas prices reading $4.19. $4.34, and $4.99 a gallon
    PondShots / Getty Images

    I already bought the car and now you're telling me I have to keep putting money into it? Wow.

    6. Coats

    Lil Nikki in a blue puffer coat
    New Line Cinema

    I guess I'll just run to stay warm.

    7. Towels (especially ~fancy~ ones)

    Woman smiling with a towel wrapped around her head.
    Universal Pictures

    Maybe I can just cut corners and use six hand towels to dry off.

    8. Italian food

    Two cartoon dogs sharing a plate of spaghetti

    Olive Garden is really the OG for that endless chicken gnocchi soup.

    9. Movie theater snacks

    A couple watching a movie with a soda and popcorn in hand.
    FOX Searchlight Pictures

    I'm not saying I sneak snacks in, but if you hear me opening Tupperware mid-movie, mind your business.

    10. Face wash

    A man facing the mirror with a face wash peel on his face.
    Columbia TriStar

    Guess hand soap will have to do...

    11. Plants

    A man sitting upset beside many long and big plants
    Warner Bros.

    How can something bring me so much happiness and so much stress be this pricey?

    12. Dirt to put said plants in

    A boy sitting in a hole in the ground, surrounded by dirt
    Summit Entertainment

    If you catch me digging up dirt in the park mind your business.

    13. Detergent pods

    detergent pods.
    Huizeng Hu / Getty Images

    Why use the washer with detergent pods when the river and a washboard is handy?

    14. Ibuprofen

    Ibuprofen red tablets sitting on a table
    Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

    Oh, no problem, I'll just suffer with my heating pad and ~positive thoughts~.

    15. Earphones (even the wired ones)

    A man looking upset with earbuds in his ears, sitting in his car
    Sony Pictures

    We've all experienced the pain of losing a pair of earphones that were just in your pocket a minute ago.

    16. Literally the holidays

    four young children with their faces pressed against a window while looking at toys

    Everyone's getting toothpaste, idc.

    17. Paper books

    A young woman reading a book under a tree
    Warner Bros.

    Listen, I'm here to support authors and bookstores. But, like, academic books? Can I just get the PDF format of that book airdropped to me?

    18. Planners

    A woman writing down info while in class

    I mean, I'll just go ahead and use this as my excuse for being unorganized. 

    19. Stamps

    An older woman holding a postcard covered in stamps
    Haut et Court

    I'll just email you a picture of the letter, same thing.

    20. Bed sets

    A man waking up in bed, with the blankets wrapped around him
    Columbia Pictures

    Why did I really think blankets were basically free when I was younger?

    21. Candles

    A man lighting many candles in front of him
    Universal Pictures

    The moment when you light a candle to unwind, but stress about using it all up in one burn.

    22. Bras and underwear

    A young man dancing around his living room wearing a shirt and boxers
    Warner Bros.

    Everyone has that trusty, but tired, pair of underwear that's at least a couple years old, right?

    23. Toilet paper

    Woody from "Toy Story" standing on a roll of toilet paper

    I only buy two-ply or more, because I love myself.

    24. Sunglasses

    Woman sitting on a plane while looking up wearing sunglasses
    Universal Pictures

    No worries, I'll just save money and close my eyes whenever I'm in the sun.

    25. Going to amusement and water parks

    A mom and her daughter screaming while riding a roller coaster

    Roller coasters are a lot scarier when you realize you've already spent two paychecks that day.

    26. Swimsuits (especially if you buy the top and bottom separately)

    Three daughters and their dad wearing bathing suits at a water park
    Sony Pictures

    If you have at least five swimsuits that you love in your drawers right now, you're lying.

    27. Window blinds and curtains

    A woman peeking behind window curtains

    Open windows are more modern anyways. 

    28. Pots and pans

    A cartoon rat serving up an omelet from a pan

    Do they happen to make pots and pans in the paper variety too?

    29. Pets

    A woman sitting behind the driver's seat in her car and her dog beside her in the passenger seat
    20th Century Fox

    Are they the same price as having a child sometimes? Yes. Will I continue to spoil them as if they are actual child? Again, yes.

    30. Outdoor furniture

    A woman lounging on an outdoor couch.
    Universal Pictures

    Everyone gets one (1) single pillow to sit on and that's that.

    31. Bacon

    A cartoon bowl of porridge with eggs as eyes and a strip of bacon as a smile.

    I always was more of a pancake person anyways.

    32. Gift wrap

    An adult elf cutting into wrapping paper
    New Line Cinema

    Catch me collecting that gift wrap everyone tears into to use for next year's gifts.

    33. Sanitary products

    A woman disguised as a man, with a tampon up her nose.
    DreamWorks Pictures

    They literally should be free, and you can't change my mind.

    34. Ice cream

    A man eating ice cream on the beach

    The only thing keeping me from eating ice cream every day is how pricey it can be (and the fact that I'm slightly lactose intolerant). 

    35. Guacamole

    A man holding a chip hat with guacamole around the brim
    Universal Pictures

    The price is the only thing keeping me from being 70% guacamole at this point.

    36. Dried fruit

    A California Raisins commercial with dancing raisins.
    California Raisin Advisory Board

    Dried fruit is usually more than regular fruit. Make it make sense.

    37. Groceries in general

    Two young women grocery shopping.
    Warner Bros.

    Pasta, I love you for always being so cheap and filling.

    38. Food delivery

    A pizza delivery man dropping off a pizza.
    Sony Pictures

    Mom was right, we have food at home.

    39. Decorative pillows

    A woman holding a decorative pillow.
    Universal Pictures

    And they're not even the comfy type. Smh.

    40. Wipes

    A man wiping a historical painting and looking at the wipe in shock.
    PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

    Don't even get me started on paper towels. 

    41. Mouthwash

    Two young people brushing their teeth.
    Universal Pictures

    Honestly, I see my bad breath as a problem for others, but okay.

    42. Smoothies

    A man holding a smoothie with an ostrich beside him.

    Why buy a smoothie for $7, when I can spend 30 minutes and $20 trying and failing to make one at home?

    43. Jeans

    Four middle-aged women wearing "mom jeans"

    Those three pairs of jeans I own are working OVERTIME.

    44. Sunscreen

    A man showing off a poorly balanced tan

    Should I eat for the day or grab a regular-sized bottle of sunscreen? Decisions, decisions. 

    45. And vacuums

    A man disguised as an older woman vacuuming in the living room.
    20th Century Fox

    Let's just all collectively promise not to drop anything at all, okay? Thanks.