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These Are The Confirmed Victims Of The Grenfell Fire Tragedy

The painstaking process of formally identifying those who died in the Grenfell Tower tragedy has concluded that the final number of victims is 71.

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Police have confirmed that 70 people, plus a stillborn baby, are known to have lost their lives after an "unprecedented" fire ripped through Grenfell Tower in west London on 14 June.

Officials had warned it would take at least until the end of the year for a final figure to emerge as authorities began the painstaking task of formal identification – but Scotland Yard said on 16 November that Fiona Wilcox, the senior coroner for Westminster, was satisfied that emergency services had arrived at a final figure.

The search inside the tower, which has recovered 15.5 tonnes of debris, is now entering its final stage. "It is highly unlikely there is anyone who remains inside the tower," the Met said.

A baby, named as Logan Gomes, was stillborn on 14 June and classed as a victim of the fire, bringing the total number of those confirmed dead to 71.

Investigators fear that no one living in 23 of the 106 flats in the block survived, raising the possibility that entire families perished together.

These are the people who have been confirmed by officials to have died. A number of victims have not been named publicly at the request of their families.

Victoria King, 71, and Alexandra Atala, 40


King and her daughter, Atala, were the last two victims to be confirmed to have died as a result of the Grenfell fire.

Their family said in a statement: "We were devastated to hear of our sister, Vicky's, fate, and that of her daughter, Alexandra, in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

"Some comfort can come from the knowledge that she and Alexandra were devoted to one another and spent so many mutually-supportive years together.

"They died at each other's side and now they can rest together in peace.

"We will remember them always."

Ligaya Moore, 78


The family of Ligaya Moore, 78, who was originally from the Philippines and had been in London for 43 years, described her as a "jolly, bubbly" person who loved to laugh and dance.

"43 years ago, Aunt Ligaya, DITE, as we fondly called her, lived her dream – to live and work in London," they said in a statement.

"She endured being away with family – not able to attend her mother's funeral – but in exchange of all the loneliness and homesickness, she met the love of her life, Jim Moore, a British national, had a new family, acquired new friends, and built a new life in London.

"But the dream turned into nightmare on that fateful night of June 14, when the Grenfell Tower was consumed in flames. At this time, she was already living by herself in this building, as her husband has passed away several years back.

"The jolly, bubbly person, the lady who loves to dance and who laughed her heart out, succumbed to a fire which turned her laughter into silence."

Samia Amal Ahmedin, her child Amaya Tuccu-Ahmedin, and her relative Amna Mahmud Idris

Ahmedin, known as Amal, was on the 19th floor when she went missing with her child Amaya, according to reports. The pair were confirmed dead on 27 September alongside their relative Amna Mahmud Idris, 27.

Ahmedin's husband, 44-year-old Mo Tuccu, a security guard, had previously been confirmed dead in the blaze.

In a statement, their family said: "This has been a very distressing time for us as a family, but we are relieved that Amal, Amaya and Amna have been identified following the tragic fire.

"They will now be laid to rest. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us since the fire.

"We have nothing further to say at this time and would appreciate it if our privacy was respected at this time."

Nur Huda El-Wahabi, 16


Nura's body was formally identified on 22 September, days after her 8-year-old brother Mehdi was also identified as a victim.

She is thought to have died alongside Mehdi and their father, Abdul Aziz, 52; their mother, Fouzia, 42; and his brother, Yasin, 21.

The family said in a statement: "Nur Huda was a lovable, smart and kind person. She had a lot of potential and that can be recognised in her recent GCSE exam results.

"We are proud of her and will continue on remembering her and all our family and friends who have died in this tragedy."

Yaqub Hashim, 6


Yaqub is the latest member of the Hashim family confirmed to have died in the Grenfell Fire. He died alongside his father, Hashim Kedir, 44; his mother, Nura Jemal, 35; his brother, Yahya, 13; and Firdaws, his 12-year-old sister.

They are reported to have all been in their 22nd-floor flat when the fire broke out.

Members of Yaqub's extended family released a statement via police that said:

Our energetic, sporty, funny, smart and cute boy

You were the first one that came to my mind when I heard about the fire. Remembering your energy and your instant reaction to everything, I was worried that you may fall and break something while trying to go down all the stairs from the 22nd floor. I was worried for your parents how they were going to be able to hold you all the stairs from the 22nd floor. That you will be taken from us like this and so soon; it has never crossed my mind.

The energy you had, oh my! A minute at your presence wouldn’t pass without laughing; just following your movement was enough. You were in a rush all the time. Thinking about it now; it feels like you were trying to use all the energy you had and you didn’t want to waste a second of your unfairly short lifetime.

Yaqub Hashim

Yaqub Hashim

The same statement included this tribute from another unnamed family member:

I will always love you Yaqub.

I hope and pray you were asleep and having a sweet dream in that horrible night and you haven’t seen a second of those terrorizing moments. I hope and pray you left us happy and joyous as you always have been.

Mehdi El-Wahabi, 8


Mehdi's family said in a statement released by the police: "Mehdi was a calm and friendly young boy who loved his family very much. He was loved by staff and pupils at his school who held a beautiful memorial and made a plaque in memory of him."

Mehdi's cousin Senate Jones said: "You made me laugh and smile every day."

Raymond Bernard, 65


Bernard, known as "Moses", lived in flat 201 in the tower since at least 2003. He walked with the aid of a stick and friends told reporters he may have struggled to get down multiple flights of stairs.

Denis Murphy, 56

Met police

Denis Murphy, who is believed to have lived on the 14th floor of Grenfell Tower, was been identified as one of those who lost their lives in the fire.

In a statement, his family said their lives would never be the same without him.

They said: “After an agonising 10 weeks our beloved Denis has finally been identified. The pain, loss and sorrow we feel is indescribable and we have been left devastated with a gaping hole in our hearts that can never be filled.

"To us he was an inspiration and an amazing, selfless, caring person and we feel lucky and blessed that he was part of our family, and his warmth and love will stay with us forever.

“What really matters to us is what he stood for, family, friends, community, loyalty and love, and our lives will never be the same without him.”

Ernie Vital, 50

Metropolitan police

Ernie Vital worked in the catering industry and was described by family and friends as a "creative individual who pursued a creative life".

In a statement released through police, his family said: "He was a proud, humble, mature and independent man. He was a loyal son and a law abiding citizen who maintained good relationships with all those he met in society.

"He will be remembered as a kind, sensitive and caring person with a warm hearted smile. His pursuit of happiness has been abruptly and dramatically stopped by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. His family and friends will miss him dearly."

Majorie Vital, 68

Metropolitan police / Supplied

Majorie Vital, thought to be Ernie's mother, was formally identified on 20 July as a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire.

In a statement her family said: "Majorie was sixty-eight years old and she had worked in the textile industry for many years. She was a beautiful, joyful, independent, intelligent, kind hearted, sensitive individual who dedicated her life to her children. She carried herself with dignity and extended her warmth to family and friends.

"Through her creativity and joy of life she was an inspiration to many of us. She has been prematurely and dramatically taken from this world and will be sadly missed by family and friends, both here in the UK and abroad."

Sakina Afrasehabi, 65

Met Police

Sakina Afrasehabi's family described her as a "completely selfless" woman who always put other people's needs before her own.

Paying tribute, her family said: “Sakina was a loving mother of five, who is much missed by all of us. She was completely selfless in all she did and always put other people first.”

Deborah Lamprell, 45

Met police / handout

Deborah Lamprell is thought to have lived on the 19th floor of the tower.

She last texted her mother at 11:30pm on 13 June and was not seen again. A cousin of Lamprell's, Joanna Sanderson, made an impassioned plea for information on Facebook. Sanderson said this week that Lamprell had been confirmed dead, but that her body had not been found.

Her mother said in a statement: "A wonderful, precious daughter, always smiling and helping others. Debbie will be missed by her mum and all who had the privilege to meet her."

Hashim Kedir, 44, Nura Jemal, 35, and their children Yahya, 13, and Firdaws, 12

Nura Jemal
Metropolitan Police / handout

Nura Jemal

Hashim Kedir and Nura Jemal lived on the 20th floor of the tower with Yahya, Firdaws, and their youngest child, 6-year-old Yaqub. Yaqub was initially missing but has since been confirmed to have also been a victim of the fire.

Statements released by the family described Jemal as a person who "appreciated even the smallest things in life", and who had "contagious joy" that could "lighten up anyone's day". She "could befriend absolutely anyone – no matter who they were or what they believed in," her family said.

"This was made evident by the number of different people who were desperately trying to find you and your family during the early days of the fire. We received so many compassionate hugs on behalf of you.

"All your friends and the whole family are heartbroken and miss you terribly. Meeting your sisters and brother at Heathrow airport one month after the fire was heart-wrenching. There was nothing we could do or say to ease their pain."

Firdaws and Yahya
Public poster / Via Via @HannahAlOthman

Firdaws and Yahya

Yahya Hashim, the family said, was "the most kind, handsome, pure hearted, sweet nephew... I ever knew."

Yahya's dream was "very different from what other children dream", his family said, the 13-year-old wanted to be an Islamic teacher.

"Everyone that met you used to fall in love with your politeness and pure-heartedness. You were a perfect example of how a Muslim should be; you would have been a pride to Islam and humanity."

In a separate statement the family paid tribute to 12-year-old Firdaws as "the most intelligent, wise and eloquent girl I ever knew."

Her cousin said: "I was always in awe of you. You were so intelligent and so talented but still so kind and humble. Sometimes people tend to forget to show appreciation for their family and loved ones, but you never did."

The family described 44-year-old Hashim Kedir as "the favourite uncle" with "the widest smile that a person could have".

Hasim and Firdaws
Met Police

Hasim and Firdaws

"You used to make friends so easily; age, gender, religion, ethnicity or social status didn’t matter. One can tell the kind of person you were from the diversity of people that are crying over your death," his sister said. "You were everybody’s favourite in the family. Your love for the family, your softheartedness, generosity and ability to forgive anyone were the causes of that.

“You used to love to bother me in a middle of anything so that I would chase you, pinch and tickle you. You used to laugh so much that you couldn’t run any more or do anything. I miss that laugh so much."

She said Yahya's dream was "very different from what other children dream" – he wanted to be an Islamic teacher.

"Everyone that met you used to fall in love with your politeness and pure-heartedness. You were a perfect example of how a Muslim should be; you would have been a pride to Islam and humanity," she said.

"Although my ignorant mind couldn’t see anything good or positive about this tormenting tragedy, one tiny thing that gives me some type of comfort now and then is knowing the fact that you were/are together with your family that you loved most. I have no choice but to accept the fact that you are in a better place now.

She added: "I love you to the end and will miss you for ever."

Jessica Urbano Ramirez, 12

Metropolitan police / handout

Jessica Urbano Ramirez died weeks short of her 13th birthday. She lived on the 20th floor with her mother, who was working nearby when the fire broke out.

Ramirez's family said in a statement: "We have received probably the hardest news any parents will ever have had to bear, over the past weeks we have been in a state of confusion and limbo. Now that she has been formally identified we feel totally crushed.

"Nothing will ever bring our little girl back, and we are angry that this should ever have happened to our little angel. We will not rest until we get justice for her and for the many other lives lost as a result of this crime. We will only feel justice has been served when the highest possible charges are applied to culpable individuals. We entrust this task to the authorities in the hope that we will not be let down.

“Our little girl was loving, kind hearted and caring. She brought joy to everyone who met her and her laugh was contagious. Jessica will leave a lasting legacy in the hearts of her family and friends and the many many people who didn't know her personally but have come to know her since that night of 14 June. Her light will shine bright and will light our individual paths as we start to move forward into coming to terms with our loss and heartbreak."

Ali Jafari, 82

Met police

Ali Jafari, 82, has been identified as one of the victims who died in the fire.

A statement released on behalf of the family said he had been survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren. "Ali was loved and will be greatly missed by his family and the wider community,” the family said.

After the fire, his son, Hamid Ali Jafari, appealed on Twitter for information about his father's whereabouts.

He told the Telegraph his father had been with his mother and sister in the lift and got out of it on the 10th floor.

"He said there was too much smoke and he couldn’t breathe and he got out of the lift, and then the door shut and it didn’t stop again till the ground floor.”

Hamid Kani, 61

Pouria Liravi / Via Twitter

Hamid Kani, aged 61, was reportedly on the 15th floor of the flat when the fire broke out. His cousin Masoud Shahabeddin said in a Facebook post he was in his home at the time when the fire occurred.

Police confirmed that he had been identified as among those who died.

Zainab Deen, 32, and her son Jeremiah, 2

Handout / Via Met police

Zainab Deen has been formally identified as one of those who lost her life in the blaze. Her son, Jeremiah, aged 2, was later confirmed to have died.

The family confirmed the deaths in a statement. "We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all relatives and friends for their prayers, floral tributes and expression of condolences during this difficult time," the family said.

"You spent a moment in our arms, but you will last a lifetime in our hearts. RIP Zainab and Jeremiah."


The Evening Standard quoted Zainab's brother, Francis, as saying that he spoke with her but then her phone disconnected and they lost contact around 4am on the night of the fire.

According to the paper, a firefighter spoke to his sister on the phone and "told her to keep calm and that they were coming to get her. He kept saying that to her again and again.

“But then he handed me the phone and said, ‘Tell her you love her.’ I knew then to fear the worst. The phone went dead and I could not talk to her.”

Berkti Haftom, 29

Metropolitan Police/PA

The police confirmed the death of 29-year-old Berkti Haftom. She lived with her son on the 18th floor of the building.

Her family said: "Berkti was a generous, caring, loving mother, partner, sister, aunty and friend and she will be missed by us all forever."

Gloria Trevisan, 26, and Marco Gottardi, 27

Pamela Pizziolo / Press Association Images

Italians Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi died in Grenfell Tower, where they lived.

Trevisan worked as an architect in London. CNN reported, citing a family lawyer, that she called both her parents while trapped by fire in their flat.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported that Gottardi also called his family.

Sheila (her surname is withheld at the family's request)


Sheila lived in the tower for 34 years. On 7 July it was confirmed that she had "died as a result of the Grenfell Tower."

Her family said in a statement: "Sheila was a resident of Grenfell Tower for 34 years who absolutely adored her family and gave her many friends much love and inspiration.

"A very active and well-respected member of the local community, Sheila was cycling around London, performing yoga daily and swimming regularly in the Kensington Leisure Centre until she was 80 years old.

"With her exploration of the alternative, in her lifetime she amassed a wealth of knowledge, wrote poetry and philosophical and political thoughts, and created some highly original artwork – nearly all of which now sadly lost in the fire at Grenfell Tower.

"Sheila leaves two sons, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. As a family we are heartbroken as to this senseless tragedy that took her far too early, and will do all we can to honour her name."

Isaac Paulos, 5

Metropolitan Police / PA

Isaac Paulos lived on the 18th floor with his family and reportedly slipped from his neighbour's grasp while escaping from the burning tower block, wearing a wet towel on his head for protection.

An inquest into his death heard that he was found on the 13th floor and had died of inhalation of fire fumes. Isaac had become separated from his family and neighbours in the dense smoke.

His 38-year-old mother Ganet Shawo, his brother Lucas, 3, and his father survived the tragedy and have been living in temporary hotel accommodation.

In a statement, his family said: "Our beloved son was taken from us when he was only five years old. We will all miss our kind, energetic, generous little boy.

"He was such a good boy who was loved by his friends and family. We will miss him forever, but we know God is looking after him now and that he is safe in heaven."

Biruk Haftom, 12


His family said: "Biruk was a loving, pure-hearted boy, wise beyond his years and known for his politeness, kind heart and his love for his family and friends.

"Berkti and Biruk left an everlasting legacy full of lovely memories and their contagious laughter and charisma will live in our hearts forever.

"We are deeply hurt and heartbroken our angels were taken from us so cruelly, so young. We will not rest until justice is served!"

Khadija Saye, 24, an up-and-coming artist and photographer, and her mother Mary Mendy

David Lammy / Twitter

Khadija Saye, an artist whose photography was being exhibited in Venice when she died, was a friend of Labour MP David Lammy and his wife. He paid tribute to a "beautiful soul".

She lived on the 20th floor with her 54-year-old mother Mary Mendy, who also died in the blaze. The preliminary cause of Saye's death was inhalation of fire fumes and burns and she was found on the ninth floor.

Her mother, who was also known as Sissy Mendy, died of smoke inhalation and was found on the 13th floor of the tower block, the inquest heard.

Mary Mendy and her daughter Khadija Saye at Khadija's Holy Communion.
Handout / Via Met Police

Mary Mendy and her daughter Khadija Saye at Khadija's Holy Communion.

In a family statement Mendy's sister Betty Jackson said: "Words can never describe the pain of losing you.

"Your heart was pure, your soul was one of a kind. You will be missed for a life time. You will remain forever in our hearts. you and your beautiful daughter Khadija Saye."

Mo Tuccu, a 44-year-old security guard

Red Consultancy / Via Twitter

Mo Tuccu, who was reported missing with his wife and his 3-year-old daughter, died in the fire.

His body was recovered outside of the tower block, near a leisure centre, and his provisional cause of death was inhalation of fire fumes, the coroner said.

He was reportedly visiting family or friends with his wife and child to break Ramadan fast when the fire tore through the tower block. He had worked as a security guard at a PR consultancy for 10 years.

Saber Neda, 57

Ariana Neumann Rodger / Via

Saber Neda, also known as Mohamed Amied Neda, died of multiple injuries consistent with a fall, the coroner said. He had been trying to help neighbours escape, the Telegraph reported.

His wife Folora, 55, and son Farhad, 24, are understood to have been treated in hospital after they escaped when Farhad carried his mother down 24 flights of stairs.

The family lived on the 23rd floor and are reportedly originally from Afghanistan.

Members of public have raised over £50,000 through a crowdfunding site to help Neda's family rebuild their lives after the tragedy.

Six-month-old baby Leena Belkadi, her mother Farah Hamdan, her father Omar Belkadi, and her 8-year-old sister Malak

Baby Leena was "found in her mother’s arms" on the stairwell between the 19th and 20th floors of the flat, the coroner said.

Her two sisters, 8-year-old Malak and 6-year-old Tamzin, were rescued from the blaze and taken to hospital. Malak later died of her injuries and only Tamzin survived the blaze.

Their mother Farah Hamdan and their father Omar Belkadi also died in the fire.

Syrian refugee Mohammed Al Hajali, 23

Omar Alhajali / PA

Mohammed Al Haj Ali was studying civil engineering at the University of West London and dreamed of returning to Syria to rebuild it, his friend told BuzzFeed News.

He fled Syria in 2014 as a refugee with his brother Omar, who escaped the blaze through thick smoke. Omar described how he was unable to see even his hands in front of him as he was ushered out of the tower.

"I looked behind me and I didn't see my brother," he told the BBC in an emotional interview. When he phoned Mohammed, he said, he discovered he was still in the flat. Mohammed said, "Why did you leave me?"

Omar pleaded with firefighters to rescue his brother, who told him on the phone that he was dying and could not breathe.

Man who escaped London Fire breaks down talking about how his brother is its first confirmed victim #GrenfellTower…

The coroner said his body was found outside the tower block with multiple injuries consistent with a fall from a height.

Many people paid tribute to Al Haj Ali and said he was "absolutely a great and passionate individual".

Tony Disson, 65

Dee Melville / Via

Tony Disson died at Grenfell Tower after becoming trapped in his bathroom on the 10th floor. He phoned his sons in the early hours of the morning, it has been reported.

In a statement, his family paid tribute to the "fanatic" Fulham FC supporter and boxing fan as a "real family man".

"His boys were his life," they said. "He was a loving husband, and a one-in-a-million dad. Tony was the heart and soul of our family, of whom he was extremely proud. He leaves behind four sons, five grandchildren with a sixth due in September, and three great-grandchildren; losing him has left a void that can never be filled."

They added that he was "the most generous person you could ever meet".

"He was the best dad a son could ever have," his son Alfie said. "I couldn’t have been prouder to call him my dad. We love and miss him so much. He had a good life so to lose him in such a tragic way has made the loss hard to bear. We as a family are simply heartbroken."

Khadija Khalloufi, 52

Metropolitan Police / PA Wire/PA Images / Via PA

Moroccan Khadija Khalloufi died of smoke inhalation after reportedly becoming separated from her husband Sabah Abdullah while they were escaping the fire.

Abdullah, 72, a retired lecturer, flew her body back to Morocco for burial to "fulfil the wish of my late wife".

He told the Daily Mail in an interview: "We had a 30-year marriage. She was my other half, she was my partner. She was everything."

Husna Begum, 22, and Rabeya Begum, 64

Husna Begum, believed to be top right, and Rabeya Begum, believed to be top left, died in the fire.
Supplied / Via Twitter: @HannahAlOthman

Husna Begum, believed to be top right, and Rabeya Begum, believed to be top left, died in the fire.

Twenty-two-year-old Husna Begum, who worked in Carphone Warehouse and was due to be married, died during the blaze along with a relative believed to be her mother, 64-year-old Rabeya.

Three members of her British-Bangladeshi family – her 82-year-old father Kamru Miah and two brothers, Hanif, 26, and Hamid, 29 – are still missing.

The Times reported that Husna died after she and her brothers refused to abandon their elderly parents, giving up their chance to escape. "They lived together and they died together," a relative told the newspaper.

Abufars Ibrahim, 39

Ibrahim was also formally identified by police as one of the victims of the tragedy, having died of multiple injuries. He is believed to have been in a 23rd-floor flat with Fathaya Alsanousi, his 72-year-old mother, and Esra Ibrahim, his 35-year-old sister, who both remain missing.

Abdeslam Sebbar, 77

The body of Abdeslam Sebbar, 77, was found, police have said.

These People Are Still Missing After The Grenfell Tower Blaze

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