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    This Woman Tried To Find A New Best Friend And It Was Adorable

    There's nothing better than friends who like wine.

    Making friends when you're a kid and making them when you're adult is very different. So, Ali took matters into her own hands and decided that she would find her next BFF:

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    Meet Ali, a total bad-ass babe dealing with adulthood and looking to make new friends.

    She's was looking for someone who was funny, supportive, trustworthy, and honest. Pretty much the basic principles you need in order to have any friendship work.

    Our first contestant was Madigan, an ex-figure skater from Minnesota.

    Then, there was Chanel, a music lover who was raised in a military family.

    Our last contestant was Lauren from Texas who was looking for someone to have down-to-earth conversations with.

    Ali admitted that she’s super indecisive. So, the first challenge was to pick out an outfit she would wear on a first date.

    Madigan chose a simple black dress with a jean vest for an accessory.

    Lauren decided that the more simple Ali kept it, the better.

    Chanel decided to keep it simple by choosing jeans and cute yellow shirt.

    Challenge number two was planning the perfect Friday night in. Let's see how it went!

    Madigan decided pizza, wine, and watching Dance Moms was the way to go and Ali seemed interested until…

    ...we all learned she was allergic to pizza.

    Lauren made some hot chocolate and mac & cheese, but due to Ali’s allergies she had to pass on that too.

    Chanel made some lemonade while watching Beyoncé's Lemonade.

    After the two challenges, it was time for Ali to pick a BFF.

    Ali liked Lauren a lot but was more interested in chugging a bottle of wine rather than a cup of hot chocolate on a Friday night.

    Madigan's idea was great but Ali wasn't into reality TV like that.

    Ali enjoyed Chanel's originality but wasn't really into showing off all the goods on a first date.

    So, who did Ali pick?


    So, Lauren went home to eat her feelings away with the mac & cheese she originally made for her and Ali.

    While Madigan rushed home to treat her sunburn.

    Cheers to new friendships!