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Nov 27, 2017

I Wore What I Hate Most In My Closet And It Was A Disaster

Fact: Almost everybody admits to making "aspirational purchases."

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Let's get real. We all buy things that end up hanging in our closet unworn as we tell ourselves we're eventually gonna rock it.

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You know who you are.

Watch as one woman takes on the challenge of wearing the thing she hates most in her closet!

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This is Sara, and she wore that one article of clothing in her closet that she looks at and wonders why the hell she even bought it.


She wants to see if people agree that the dress just isn't her.

Sara wore this see-through wrap dress with floral prints on it that's too short to not shave your legs with, but also too long to wear tights. The struggle!


Her prediction? It's gonna fucking suck!

"It looks like a spa robe."


On the plus side, it did have pockets.

Then it was time for Sara to see what her coworkers thought about her previously neglected wrap dress.


They suggested maybe getting a wider belt to cinch the waist for a better fit.

Others didn't mince words. "A little bit of a 45-year-old vibe."


Not that there's anything wrong with that!

"It's definitely a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen."


That's because the dress had an unfortunate stitch that left a big hole right in the middle, with some fabric that just flopped.

Then there was the suggestion that Sara looked like that fashion fad where you dress like older women because it's trendy. YASSS!


She was also told that she looked like a principal but, like, a cool principal.

"It's cute, but it looks like a grandmother dressed you."


Or something you would wear so grandma doesn't say you're showing too much skin. HA!

After asking around if anyone ever bought something that they've never worn or they regret buying, the answer was overwhelmingly YES.


See, Sara? You're most definitely not alone.

Once she had the answers she needed, it was time to make the decision to donate the wrap dress to someone who will love the way it looks on them and appreciate the dress for what it is, and what it is not.


This person should also be a couple of inches taller than Sara. Just sayin'.

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