Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Fashion Icon, Pop Superstar, Queen Of Cute

Every year, new artists come onto the music scene, bringing their own unique style, but few are the triple threat that is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

1. Lately I’ve been seeing how K-Pop has been rocking on some American playlists, and I couldn’t be happier! Finally, people are discovering the great music coming from Asia.

2. But, let’s be honest here. Some integral adorableness is missing in your newly discovered musical taste.

3. Let me go ahead and introduce you to the confusing mixture of perfection and chaos that is Japanese superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!


4. Some of you might be familiar with her work when her first music video went viral. Does this ring a bell? / Via warnermusicjapan

5. Before her hit in 2011, Kyary was a popular fashion blogger and model who specialized in Harajuku fashion, a style she continues to use in her work.

6. Pon Pon Pon opened the way for the cute and quirky star to become one of the top-selling Japanese artists. Often called “The Japanese Lady Gaga” her videos and style continued grow more and more expressive.

7. Monsters, ninjas, aliens, she’s done them all! All of her songs include cute themes with catchy melodies to keep her material fresh and fun.

8. Only someone with an impressive amount of swag could pull off an eyelash dress. Or a whole song about false lashes.

9. Taylor Swift may have songs about being fifteen and twenty-two, but Kyary has the best song about coming of age at 20 and celebrating what’s important. / Via warnermusicjapan

10. You know, finally being able to drink!

11. She even turns commercials into colorful, magical affairs.

12. She’s committed to fashion all the way, not just for her music videos and appearances.

Kyary on the day of her coming of age ceremony.

13. I mean, look at those adorable shoes! She wears what we all secretly wish we could.

Punctuation tights? Yes please!

14. She’s not above looking a little silly, either. Especially when she’s fish-facing.

Duck face? Not for Kyary!

15. Under all that colorful fashion and energetic dancing, there’s a sage young woman.

16. She doesn’t stand for bullies, she works hard in all she does, and above all, she believes that everyone should be themselves, from how they act to the way the dress. It’s all about being the best you can be and being happy.

17. So bow before Queen Kyary, pop fashion diva extraordinaire!

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