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    15 Signs That Your Parents Are Professors

    Children of academia, unite!

    1. The majority of the people you know as "Dr." don't know how to use a stethoscope.

    Let's be honest, they have the cooler robes.

    2. Your house looks a little like this.

    3. Whenever you have homework in the particular subject they know about, they go overboard.


    "Are these enough? I can get you more!"

    4. If it's in any other subject, you're on your own.

    5. They always taught you the value of participation in class.


    Especially when it counts towards your grade, like it does in college.

    6. No matter what your friends say, your parents never did your homework for you.


    I wish...

    7. It didn't stop some teachers/professors from accusing you of that.


    This is why I never let any of my instructors know.

    8. Grades were top priority. So was getting into a good college.


    "How will you get in a good school with Bs on your transcript!?"

    9. Which, by the way, they already had ranked in their mind since you were born.


    Harvard or bust.

    10. You know that an early morning or night class can be Hell for both the students AND the professor.


    What's the point of teaching a class when they're all fighting the urge to sleep?

    11. You know all about department politics, which is like office politics, but revolves around research and grants and who gets which class.


    You do NOT mess with someone's research man.

    12. You did everything to make sure you didn't go to the college where they taught at. No matter how much money they would save.

    13. When you were little and your parents brought you to class, all the college kids would fawn over you.


    At least the girls did, anyways.

    14. You've known of the struggles of grad students since you were small. Mostly because your parent was their thesis advisor.


    You'll finish that dissertation someday, buddy. Just come out from under the desk.

    15. All your family vacations are really conferences where your parents work and you get to go out and "explore."


    If you're lucky, the conference takes place in a major city or a foreign country.

    Professor Parents: A curse, a gift, a little like living in a tiny-lecture-hall...oh god.

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