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    12 Reasons Why Telenovelas Are Better Than American Soap Operas

    And it's not just because everything sounds more dramatic in Spanish.

    Spanish-language telenovelas (which translated to televised novels in English) have often been a mystery to the English-speaking audience, as well as the subject of parody. Those of us who are lucky enough to have grown up with them understand that they are in fact superior, no offense to any soap-fans. Here's why.

    1. Comparing telenovelas to American soap opera is inherently inaccurate. They are closer to American primetime dramas.

    2. Soap operas in the states are falling into obscurity. Telenovelas are not.

    3. Telenovelas come in many different genres.

    4. They are also made for different ages.

    5. Not to mention they are multi-national.

    6. The theme songs for telenovelas are always really catchy.

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    This was my personal favorite telenovela when I was little, called Carita de Angel and the theme song was the bomb. I would sing it all the time, just because. If you grew up with these, you have at least one favorite theme song too. Do American soaps have theme songs with words? I guess you could hum them.

    7. The acting can be hammy, but telenovelas have amazing production values.

    8. Some telenovelas can have morals or larger messages involved in their narratives.

    9. There's bad, there's evil, and then there's telenovela villains.

    10. The feeling when your favorite telenovela re-airs is unmatched.

    11. Well, okay, maybe it's matched by the feeling when your favorite characters kiss for the first time on screen.

    12. They never last a decade, but the endings can still break your heart.