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    11 Annoyances That Summer Could Do Without

    Summer has a downside.

    Nobody likes to hear this, but let's admit it, there some terrible things about summer too. Even if the good outweighs the bad, there are definitely some things that summer could stand to lose.

    1. Sweating. All the time. Everywhere. Not even deodorant can stop it.

    2. Swarms of mosquitos that seem to get you when you least expect it. Fleeing does no good.


    But you'll try to anyways.

    3. The sun cooking your car's dashboard until it's so hot that touching it would mean massive burns.

    4. That feeling of wanting to head back to school, even if it means homework.

    5. If you're lucky enough to be a working adult, the sensation of seeing all your friends' beach photos while you're stuck indoors.

    6. Not to mention the special brand of awful that is commuting in the summer.


    Sweaty, angry people

    7. The pressure to lose ten pounds cause it's "swimsuit season"


    Maybe I just won't go outside this year.

    8. The huge sunburn you get just from being out in the sun for five minutes.

    Yeah, not going outside, definitely.

    9. The phenomenon of when you decide to go to do something fun, 5000 people decide to do the same thing.

    10. Two or three Barbecues? Acceptable. 20? Overload.


    If I see another burger, I'm going to scream.

    11. The fact that autumn eventually comes in and starts the long winter process. Summer, why must you go?

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