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    • sarar34

      Ishare your concerns regarding pitbulls, but your disappointment in Joe is misplaced. Having spent some time with him while he was researching this article (when we didn’t have him willingly buried in the pile of rubble and wood with the spiders and the snakes),Ican tell you that his intent was to have the public read the article’s pitbull references likeIdid, with care and concern forabreed that has been ill-cared for and stereotyped for decades.  Wilma’s tenacity and drive is something we all admire, and Joe intended the metaphor to reflect well on the pitbulls that SDF recruiters must regrettably pass over in their shelter searches. To answer your third comment, this is due toaFEMA need to respect the laws of particular cities, andadesire to ensure that all dogs trained by SDF’s hard earned non profit dollars are eligible for FEMA certification. You makeagood point, the BSL change is occurring, and once it is complete, FEMA will be able to open its doors to these wonderful, driven, toy loving dogs-and SDF will happily follow. Lastly, asIdrag myself to these emotionally draining shelters weekly to attempt to save what dogsIcan by trying to find diamonds in the rough for SDF,Ican tell youIactually appreciate the comment regarding the unsavory characters trolling the many pitbulls behind the cages. It brings awareness toadifficult problem. Joe took care to mention that these dogs were NOT aggressive, and that it was unfortunate that this wasn’taprivate shelter so adoption could be refused to these despicable criminals. As you can see from the picture above, I’m in your camp. Raider and Cooper spend happy days in the yard together, secure in the knowledge that though both were on death row, they will never again worry about their next meal, and that they have loving families to keep them safe and healthy from now on.
      Isleep well at night becauseIknow that I’ll never leaveacollapse again (I deployed to Japan in 2011 withoutadog) with any doubt in my mind. My K9 partner was and continues to be trained by the very best, and he won’t miss anyone when we get the call. The icing on the cake is that after all the death and tragedy, I’ll come home and goofy Cooper will lean on my leg and give mealick and make it all alright. Thanks Joe, and thanks buzz feed. The more people that know about SDF and their mission, the better. If you ever miss the feeling of being covered with dirt, spiders, and drool, I’ll swap out and let you back in the hole! Sara (Raider’s very grateful handler)

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