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Twitter Doesn't Know How To Feel About The Ruby Rose/Phoebe Split

Should be be sad... or celebrating?

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Orange is the New Black star, Ruby Rose, just announced via a Facebook post that her and her fiancΓ©, Phoebe Dahl, have broken up -- And as you can image, Twitter had some things to say.

But out of everything fans are tweeting, there seems to be a divide... Are we supposed to be mourning the loss of our favorite #RelationshipGoals? Or celebrating that fact that Ruby Rose is now SINGLE?

Team Ruby & Phoebe:

But but.....did you really break up.... @RubyRose????? :'( I thought you two were so cute together.

Why is everyone happy about @RubyRose and @FAIRCLOTHSUPPLY breakin up, i'm like eating ice cream and watching sad movies

I can't even deal with this right now @RubyRose ! I. Cannot. Deal. 😭

@RubyRose @FAIRCLOTHSUPPLY say it ain't so!! I'm heart broken 😭😭😭

Ruby Rose & Phoebe Dahl, my favorite celebrity couple broke up πŸ˜­πŸ’”

Team Single Ruby:

Ruby Rose is single. I repeat, she is single

I wanna know how many chicks are sliding into @RubyRose #dms now... 😏 #RubyRose


Every lesbian's dreams can become real in that they now have a chance with the single Ruby Rose.

What team are YOU?

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