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How Good Are Your Wordplay Skills?

Get ready for some brainteasers!

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  1. 8-Across: Make someone feel better, perhaps by playing some Wii or Xbox

  2. 16-Across: Channel that streams water 24/7

  3. 32-Across: Periodic wave to your math teacher?

  4. 4-Across: Do some Bondage?

  5. 23-Across: Good place to keep your contacts?

  6. 15-Across: Site of a branch meeting?

  7. 36-Across: It plays a big role in most casts

  8. 27-Across: Cheese that's made in reverse?

  9. 31-Across: Make certain, as that by drinking a shake an adult will get all their essential nutrients

  10. 11-Across: Baby buggy?

  11. 42-Across: Place for sweaters with no shirts?

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