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    29 Nintendo Presents That Will 1-Up Your Gift-Giving Game

    *Mario coin sound*

    1. Super Mario Bros. Wall Graphics

    Make your home into a virtual Mushroom Kingdom! Plus there are add-on packs to customize your retro Mario look. Get a set for $75 here.

    2. Kirby-Inspired Embroidered Hand Towel

    And matching bath towels! Get them for $13 here.

    3. Zelda Items Pattern Mug

    Buy it for $19 here.

    4. Super Mario Mini Blank Books

    A place to keep all your save codes. Get them for $15 here.

    5. D-Pad Necklace

    Get it for $16 here.

    6. Mario Enemies Ornaments

    So deadly, and yet so cute. They're $15.50 each, or get a set of five for $65 here.

    7. Nintendo Console Backpack

    Now you're backpacking with power. Buy it for $30 here.

    8. Mario Holiday Sweater Sweatshirt

    Get it for $36.50 here.

    9. Level-Up Pipe Mug

    Get it for $13 here.

    10. Game Boy Color Pouch

    Use it as a 3DS case, or for any purpose that requires a pouch. Get it for $12.55 here.

    11. Blue Shell "Ruin Your Life" Tank

    We've all been there. Get it for $20 here.

    12. Chain Chomp Ear Cuff

    Get it for $24 here.

    13. Konami Code Glasses

    Get them for $25 here.

    14. Phantom Panic T-Shirt

    Featuring the Phanto, aka the scariest part of Super Mario Bros. 2. Get it for $24 here.

    15. Metroid Sprite Art Cross-Stitch

    Get it for $13 here.

    16. Skyward Heart Necklace

    This necklace will give you life. Buy it for $22 here.

    17. Kirby Food T-Shirt

    Same. Get it for $20.50 here.

    18. 8-Bit Nintendo Princess Shirts

    Featuring Princess Peach and Princess Zelda. Get them for $20 each, here and here.

    19. Starman Keychain

    Invincibility in your pocket. Get it for $23 here.

    20. Nintendo Cartridge Parody Soaps

    Buy them for $15 each here.

    21. Metroid Bobby Pins

    Cute little parasites. Get them for $15 here.

    22. Bullet Bill Punched Tin With Frame

    Buy it for $26 here.

    23. 1-Up Mushroom Cake Pan

    "The perfect life-enhancing dessert." Get the mold for $10 here.

    24. Retro Luigi 3DS Pouch

    If you're a younger sibling, you probably know this guy well. Get it for $17 here. (And there's also a Mario version!)

    25. Question Block Lapel Pin

    Get it for $10 here.

    26. Yoshi Icon Tank Top

    Yoshi! Buy it for $13 here.

    27. Needle-Felted Bob-omb

    Get it for $25 here.

    28. Zelda's Lullaby Throw Pillow

    For the perfect nap. Get it for $34 here.

    29. Nintendo 64 Controller Shirt

    Simple but elegant. Get it for $24.80 here.