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Tell Us The Shittiest Thing A Boss Or Coworker Has Ever Done To You

Why are you the way that you are?

Facts are facts — you're not always going to like the people you work with.


In fact, sometimes the people you work with can just be downright shitty...


And we want you to SPILL 👏 THE 👏 TEA 👏 on the things they did that really struck a nerve.

Maybe you had a boss who started dating one of your parents and asked you to go to couple's therapy with them.


Ummmm..... no?

Or perhaps a former intern framed you for credit card theft, and still got hired on full-time anyway.

NBC / BuzzFeed

Or MAYBE your boss literally showed up to your WEDDING uninvited because they had a work-related question only you could answer and security had to escort them out.


And I'm sure we've ALL lived through the rage-inducing experience of having a coworker eat our food out of the fridge — food that CLEARLY did not belong to them. / suprhro

Whatever shitty thing they did, WE WANT TO KNOW. Get ~specific~ — we want all the details so we can feel *enraged* with you. Tell us in the DropBox below and and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!