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    27 Fucking Infuriating Things That Happened On "Pretty Little Liars"

    How did the wine moms get out of the basement?!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which moments from Pretty Little Liars made them mad as hell. Here are some of their responses.

    1. When all the moms got wine drunk and someone locked them in the basement, but they never showed us how they got out.


    2. When Toby became a legitimate police officer while he was still in high school.


    —Heather O'Halloran, Facebook

    3. And when Alison managed to become a teacher, even though she spent most of her high school career pretending to be dead.


    "Alison is a fucking teacher and she missed 10th-12th grade."


    4. When they introduced a transgender character, only to make her the villain and immediately kill her off.


    5. When we found out Spencer's dad is pretty much everyone's dad.

    Freeform / NBC Universal

    "Peter Hastings doesn't know how to keep his dick in his pants."


    6. When Ezra started secretly dating his 16-year-old student.


    "It's gross and wrong and he should be in a prison for that."

    —Alicia M. Maruri, Facebook

    7. Every time an adult male from Rosewood couldn't seem to find a woman their own age.


    "Garrett the police officer was sleeping with Jenna. Wren the doctor was hooking up with Spencer. Can these adult men not find adult women anywhere in Pennsylvania?"

    —Angela Christine, Facebook

    8. When Spencer was a shitty friend and dated Hanna's ex.


    "Spencer was perfectly aware that was Hanna's first love, and the person she lost her virginity to."


    9. When Emily told Paige, in confidence, that Alison was still alive, but Paige ratted her out to the police anyway.



    10. To when Paige tried to DROWN Emily, but they still ended up dating.


    "No one seems to remember that Paige tried to drown Emily in a pool. Paige is the worst."

    —Katie Dunn, Facebook

    11. When Emily got a swimming scholarship to Stanford even though she low-key sucks at swimming.


    "Emily's swimming is terrible and she barely even practiced, yet she got offered a swimming scholarship to STANFORD, which is one of the best women's teams in the country."


    12. When Noel was literally beheaded in a school for the blind.


    "Why tf are there even medieval axes in a school for people who can't see?"

    —Brandon Moore, Facebook

    13. When Toby revealed he wasn't actually dead and Spencer instantly forgave him.


    "She literally had to check into a mental institution because of this."

    —Taya White, Facebook

    14. Every time the Liars break into places or handle evidence and they DON'T WEAR GLOVES.


    "Clearly the Liars just rely on the incompetency of the Rosewood cops instead of actively trying to prevent their DNA from being left everywhere."


    15. When we found out Sara Harvey was Red Coat AND Black Widow.


    "Sara Harvey shows up toward the end of the show and just randomly becomes a huge character that's super important to the plot."


    16. Whenever a new female character is introduced and they always fall in love with Emily.


    —Heather O'Halloran, Facebook

    17. When the Liars leave their windows wide open even though they damn well know they're being watched.


    "Why don't these morons invest in some BLINDS? OR CURTAINS?"


    18. When Emily's (now ex) boyfriend tried to force himself on her in the locker room.


    19. Every time Mona, the best character in this whole damn show, is ridiculously underutilized.


    20. When Aria murdered Shana and never got in trouble for it.


    —Caitlin Haan, Facebook

    21. Whenever an unresolved plot line from an earlier season became totally irrelevant.


    "The entire plot of the first few seasons with N.A.T. legitimately makes no sense anymore."


    22. Like when they completely dropped the storyline about Ezra writing a creepy book on Alison.


    —Margaret Marie Mazza, Facebook

    23. When the Liars just happened to grab the ONE snow globe from A out of a sack FULL of snow globes.


    —Blaise Marie, Facebook

    24. When A stole the eggs Emily sold to the clinic and then an ominous carton of smashed eggs showed up at her front door.


    —Caitlin Haan, Facebook

    25. When we waited five whole years just to find out that A was CeCe.


    "It's been years and I'm still mad about it and not sure why I'm supposed to care about her."


    26. When Alison played with Emily's emotions over and over again.


    "When Allison got jealous of Emily and Paige, kissed Emily multiple times, but then proceeded to play Emily by saying she didn't know how she feels."


    27. And finally, whenever the Liars receive a suspicious package and they DON'T FUCKING CALL THE POLICE.



    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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