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    Posted on Apr 4, 2017

    Literally Just 29 Incredible Tumblr Posts About Nicolas Cage

    Despite all my rage, I am still just Nicolas Cage.

    1. An honest mistake:

    2. When it rains, it pours:


    3. A terrifying, but pleasant surprise:

    4. Too far, or just far enough?

    5. The most accurate graph:

    Coolness Graphed / Via

    6. This ideal placement:

    7. And this beautiful story:

    8. The face of God:


    9. Thinking about what could have been:

    neilnevins / Via

    10. This dynamic duo:


    11. Literally me:

    12. Something to warm your cold, dead heart:

    13. And something to warm the rest of your body:

    14. The definition of true romance:

    15. These “Beautiful Artistic Pictures”:

    16. Because anything is art when you add Nicolas Cage:

    Papermag / Via

    17. The good word of Cage:

    18. The eyes are the window to his soul:


    19. It's not what you wanted, but what you needed:

    20. How is this possible:

    21. You, five minutes into a first date:

    22. What's actually on your mind:

    23. When you see it:


    24. Me as hell:


    26. HELLO:

    27. The girl at college you want to be friends with:

    28. This '90s dream:

    29. And finally...why?

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