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    Let's Stop F#%king Around And Admit That Roger And Anita Are The Only Disney Couple That Matters

    A true power couple.

    Remember Prince Eric β€” tall, dark, and handsome owner of waterfront property? Well, I hate to break it to you, but he's officially CANCELLED.

    Disney / BuzzFeed

    Throw your Little Mermaid DVD in the trash and set it aflame.

    And Ariel β€” red-headed fish woman with a case of laryngitis? Literally never heard of her in my life.


    There's only one Disney couple in this world that matters, and that's Roger and Anita from 101 Dalmatians.


    This is what true love looks like, sweeties.

    Let's start off with a basic, indisputable fact β€” they're both hot πŸ‘ as πŸ‘ heck πŸ‘


    Seriously, look at Roger straight up SERVING looks.


    Tyra Banks just screamed and pretended to faint.

    Anita knows a fine piece of ass when she sees one!


    "Hot man with dog? You have my attention." πŸ‘€

    And let's not sleep on the fact their entire relationship was orchestrated by two DOGS. Your Tinder profile just deleted itself.


    Me: [shouting into a megaphone] RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!

    Still not convinced? Need more proof? Let's compare β€” SHALL WE?

    Anita is an intellectual who reads leather-bound books in the park.


    We love a well-read woman.

    Ariel is a 16-year-old fish who signed a contract written by a literal sea witch without even reading through it.



    Roger's a musician who writes his own music and plays MULTIPLE instruments.


    Prince Eric only plays the flute and holds it like he's eating a fucking Go-Gurt.

    BuzzFeed / Disney

    Bad form, Prince Eric.

    Anita is well-dressed and expertly accessorized.


    Ariel wears a sack and thinks it's fashun.


    Roger looks like a blonde John Krasinski.

    Disney, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Eric looks like he'd tell you how surprisingly easy it is to open up to you emotionally, and then ghost on you after three dates!!!!*


    *Definitely 100% not based on a real life experience... hahahahwiufhuhfwufnjw g.

    Roger and Anita literally own OVER A HUNDRED DOGS.


    Eric and Ariel own one dog (who may or may not have eyes) and a judgmental crab.


    Hmmm, I am just not impressed! Need I go on?

    Bottom line? Roger and Anita are talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before Disney characters who deserve some FUCKIN' RESPECT.


    A classic Disney love, but realistic and relatable!!!

    BuzzFeed / The CW / Disney

    I rest my case β€” court dismissed!


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