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18 Views Of Southern Football From An SEC Girl

Southern girls just get a little crazy over Football Season.

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1. You see a 68 pound ball of fury screaming expletives at the 369 pound right tackle's mother

2. When a friend asks you if there is a game on Saturday?

3. Saturday Morning waking up with College Game Day on tv, and mimosas in the kitchen.

4. While waiting for the new rankings to come out after a big win.

5. A Number One falls to an unranked team

6. Your QB is doing the post game interview

7. You find the perfect tailgating dress, in the perfect combination of your team's colors

8. A co-worker starts talking about her school's 35 point win last weekend

9. Your team gets shut out

10. The Kicker loses the game.

11. The Kicker Wins the Game

12. You make a new friend that loves the same team you love

13. Your team ends the season with only 5 wins... not 6.

14. Plans after a win

15. Plans after a loss

16. Trying to eat food at the tailgate after you've already had too much to drink

17. How you feel in August

18. How you feel in January

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