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    Here's Nic Cage As Pokémon Because You Deserve It

    * throws pokéball at the Declaration of Independence *

    As Snorlax:

    Sarah Wainschel

    He'll probably fall asleep on your way to kidnap the president.

    As Geodude:

    Sarah Wainschel

    You can't keep this one caged *wink*

    As Meowth:

    Sarah Wainschel

    He's going to steal the Declaration of the name of Team Rocket!

    As Eevee:

    Sarah Wainschel

    Not as innocent as he may seem...

    As Dodrio:

    Sarah Wainschel

    Why have one Nic Cage when you could have three?

    As Charmander:

    Sarah Wainschel

    Just like a Nic Cage movie, everything is better when it's on fire.

    And of course, as Pikachu:

    Sarah Wainschel

    A National Treasure in himself.

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