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Cosmo Called Calvin Harris A Fuckboy So People Are Trolling Their Wikipedia Page

The drama is REAL people.

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Some called them out for their hypocritical body-shaming.

@Cosmopolitan Who let this go online?It's not okay to shame female celebrities,but you can rip on Calvin for being born with crooked teeth?

.@Cosmopolitan So, slut shaming a man & bullying him about his crooked teeth is okay cause he's a man? This is garbage.

@MisterPreda @Cosmopolitan honestly the majority of todays media is just disgusting. Slut and body shaming left and right just for views 😒

Others conveyed a loss of respect for the magazine.

@Cosmopolitan wow.... I've lost respect for Cosmo

@Cosmopolitan this is a disgusting article, cosmo keeps getting worse and worse. i'd delete this. and your writer.

@Cosmopolitan Who seriously let this go public, someone should get fired. REALLY disappointed Cosmo, really disappointed... 😒

Some went as far as to claim Taylor Swift was somehow behind this.

@CalvinHarris To the innocent bystander it would seem @Cosmopolitan are biased enough to be accused of being part of @taylorswift13 PR team.

@CalvinHarris @Cosmopolitan she've paid Cosmo and the others medias to destroy your career and wants we believe she A "victim" No?

Even Calvin Harris himself was less than impressed with the distasteful article.

Nah whoever wrote this please be embarrassed as hell; bullying clickbait article - fucking shameful

Shots. Fired.

The good people of Twitter took notice to this new development in the drama-filled Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift social media saga and did what any respectable bystander would do: relentlessly mess with Cosmopolitan's wikipedia page.

We're not quite sure if this was a group effort, or the work of one, lone mastermind, but one things for sure -- Twitter user @Tom_Harlock was definitely involved.

Meanwhile, the author of the article doesn't seem to be too upset about all the shade being thrown her way.

Nah, I'm chillin.

So much shade, I haven't seen the sun in years.

  1. So now the REAL question is this: are you #TeamTaylor or #TeamCalvin?

    #TeamTaylor All the Way
    Hell Nah, I'm #TeamCalvin
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So now the REAL question is this: are you #TeamTaylor or #TeamCalvin?
  1. #TeamTaylor All the Way
    vote votes
    #TeamTaylor All the Way
  2. Hell Nah, I'm #TeamCalvin
    vote votes
    Hell Nah, I'm #TeamCalvin
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