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    • sarahv30

      Some people just suck at maps. I know I do. American school systems do try to teach more than just the states, but unless you take a foreign language (it was required for at least two years at my school, I can name all the Chinese regions, major cities, and dynasties) the likelihood that you remember where those countries are, American 90% of the time recognize their names, is difficult. Personally I think it boils down to what interests people on an individual level. If someone doesn’t care to remember 50 states plus another 100+ countries on a map then they won’t. Even the “intellectuals”. While I can’t pinpoint all the countries on a map I can go into depth about genetics, ancient Greek and Roman society, or literature. Do keep in mind that they picked a dozen people from the street to do this, and try not to generalize 300 million people.

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