10 Things Only My Chemical Romance Fans Will Understand

For The Highs, The Lows, And The Bromance

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Many fans were shocked when My Chemical Romance announced they were going their separate ways. This splintered their fanbase into two groups, one half being bitter and the other optimistic. Whilst clutching to the prospects of a new album, it was a huge disappointment to find that this wasn’t happening. Some fans were craving the return of MCR’s previous sound, which was dark and jam-packed with heavy riffs, and looking forward to perhaps another concept album that would reclaim old followers.

The distinguished Danger Days was an album that received a lot of radio play and generated a new kind of following- people who hated The Black Parade started to support the band’s fresh pop vibe. Of course, welcome aboard newbies. A band that is successful shouldn’t be penalised for being popular. However the bands new direction confused many diehard fans as it was so undeniably colourful and unlike anything we had heard before.

It came as no surprise when Gerard Way stated how My Chemical Romance should have ended with The Black Parade. Concluding with Conventional Weapons and May Death Never Stop You, My Chemical Romance is over.

A career spanning 12 years that received great commercial success from the platinum status of Three Cheers to chart topping Danger Days. Here it is in no particular order, 10 things you’ll only understand if you’re an MCR fan, because we're all just big geeks at heart.

10. The Phenomenon Of Frerard

You've all seen it, the kissing, thrusting and general compromising photos of both Frank and Gerard. When the fabricated stories of Frerard went viral it excited many teenage fans and led to numerous amounts of fan fiction. You have to admit they had an undeniably close friendship, closer than most as far as friendships go.

All in all, it was just a bit of brotherly love between bandmates that have to eat, sleep and tolerate living in a small bus for months on end. You have to have a whole lot of love for that.

9. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge Is Their Best Album

Sure, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys sold over one million copies worldwide, however so did the album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The second album is their finest work capturing the essence of a band who had found their sound for the first time. Released on June 8th 2004 by record label Reprise, it is the most timeless record particularly when compared with The Black Parade.

The tracks Thank You For The Venom, Give 'Em Hell, Kid and Hang 'Em High were chaotic and heavy presenting a sharp offering of rock 'n' roll. Produced by Howard Benson (Motorhead, Bon Jovi, Papa Roach) the record wasn't over produced and received great reviews from critics. Alt Press described it as "Drawing the listener in with its sense of reckless abandon and rowdy desperation that seep through both the music and Way's lyrics".

Ok, it's not as creative and flamboyant as their later albums but it revealed MCR were on the cusp of something special, a custom built sound unlike any other band at the time.

8. That School Photo Of Gerard

We all have those photos we would rather pretend don’t exist. You know the ones where you’re pulling a pose that was considered cool at the time. I’m talking pre-selfie portrait hell, even worse than your driving license photo hell. Well, the school photo of Gerard Way amazed us all, a geeky overweight kid turned rock star poster boy...

If there’s hope for this kid, there’s hope for us all.

7. Why Their Live Shows Were So Awesome

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One of the things that made My Chemical Romance stand out was their unique live shows. Watching MCR was so much more than a regular gig, it was a spectacle that involved costumes, alter egos, replicating music videos, and often confetti. It was a place where self-expression, acceptance and not caring what others thought were encouraged.

The band delivered every inch of energy throughout a performance, even when Frank was kicking Gerard in the balls. The band had a distinctive connection between the fans, something almost sacred. You would always see the tents and empty packets of junk food from the most hardcore of fans that had camped out to enable them the best chance to meet the band (either that, or hobos stalked the band).

6. When the Daily Mail Accused The Band Of Being A Cult

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13 year old Hannah Bond was a dedicated My Chemical Romance fan who committed suicide.

The Daily Mail attacked the band linking the two together, with accusations that they were a cult that encouraged and glamorised suicide. Even conjuring up nonsense such as “The Black Parade is a nickname for the place where Emo fans believe they will go when they die”. Which is almost laughable as The Black Parade is a concept, a near enough rock opera centered on the story of a cancer patient. It toyed with Gerard’s idea that death comes to a person through their most cherished memory, in this occasion a parade that the patient saw when he was a child.

The band’s alter ego as The Black Parade was replicated onstage by costumes that were comparable to The Beatles Sergeant Pepper outfits, only entirely black. Influenced by the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and The Smashing Pumpkins, The Black Parade sold over 3,000,000 copies worldwide.

5. Life On The Murder Scene Depicted MCR's Highs and Lows

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Snatched from New Jersey and propelled into the world, Life on the Murder Scene tells the story of five nerdy kids that made it big. Like a fly on the wall, we get an insight into the band’s highs and lows, from the comradery and pranks to Gerard’s struggles with alcohol.

Whilst touring, poor Ray spends more times than not at rest stops left behind, like Kevin from Home Alone. Mikey and Bob remain the quieter members of the band and Bob is certainly not a camera person. Onstage and drunk Gerard’s trousers fall down and he kills plants, we can safely say Gerard being sober is for the best.

4. The Adventures Of Gerard Ways Hair

Arriving drenched from the fountain of youth, Gerard’s locks are no exception. From the sugarpuff yellow to the firey red head, Gerard’s hair is on a whole journey of its own. From its humble natural beginnings it has endured years of torture and yet shows no signs of receding. Any colour suits this man, bleach blonde, yellow, a tad green? Why not! The sheer resilience has surprised us, if not made us a little envious too.

Gerard tell us your secret.

3. Mama Is An Anthem

The epitome of The Black Parade is Mama, a song that has the ability to sum up the entire album in just over 4 short minutes. Casting Liza Minnelli as the character Mother War, Mama is unapologetic, vicious and dramatic. Gerard's vocals display just as much commitment to the part, resonating desperation and tragedy throughout. Despite the theatrical dark themes, musically Mama dances on the balance between jolly and damn creepy. Everything from the squeaky guitars to the climax "2-3-4 mama, mama, mama, oh" is just genius.

2. Why We Need More Frank

Resembling a person possessed Frank loves his guitar antics and his stage presence can only be described as a frenzy of energy. His dad and granddad were both musicians, he received his first guitar for his 11th birthday, an off-white 1979 Fernandes Strat Copy. Frank’s granddad was a huge influence on him; so much so that he has a tattoo of him by none other than Kat Von D.

When Frank’s band Pencey Prep split in May 2002, he quickly snapped up the offer to join MCR. Eventually dropping out of his psychology scholarship at Rutgers University to begin touring with the band. That’s dedication.

Like an excitable child there’s always something new to discover as he is no stranger to a side project. Fans know Frank always has time for them, even jumping offstage mid-set to give young fans a quick hug. The man’s also pro-gay rights and has been a vegetarian since childhood, big thumbs up Frank!

1. The Band Goes Solo

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The bands decision to part has disappointed and even angered some fans. In short, the band felt they had accomplished everything they wanted to with My Chemical Romance. The good thing about these guys is this isn't the end of the road. Gerard, Frank and Ray have all gone solo, there are also rumours of the Way brothers pairing together to record something. The real fans will continue to support the bands new endeavors; nevertheless a comeback tour will always be welcome.

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