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What Would Taylor Swift's Career Look Like If She Didn't Write Songs About Her Exes?

There's nothing T. Swift does better than revenge, and by "revenge", I mean cashing in on love gone wrong.

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Notorious femme fatale Taylor Swift began her ass-kicking, name-taking music career ten years ago when she signed with Big Machine Records, and ever since then she hasn't let anyone get in her way of success and, well, revenge.

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Most of Swift's success rests within how appealing her songs are to the general public. She currently has 65 songs that have been on Billboard's Hot 100 list, a weekly compilation of the most popular songs across all genres.

But what would Taylor's music career look like if she never channeled her heartache into songs?

About Two-Thirds of Swift's Songs Are Reportedly About Her Exes

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After combing through all five of Swift's albums, plus singles and bonus songs, around 60 of her 90 songs were about heartache and/or exes.

She Would Lose $200 Million

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According to Forbes, Swift has grossed roughly $300 million during her career. If she never wrote a song about her crushes or exes, she would be about $200 million poorer.

We Would've Missed This Magical Moment in Time

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When Kanye famously interrupted Taylor during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video ("You Belong With Me") at the 2009 MTV Video Awards.

So, Lets Keep Letting Tay Do Tay

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Cause even though all those heartbreak hits brought her fame and fortune, they also brought us some great hits to fall in love with as we were dealing with falling out of love.

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