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20 Things People Who Work At Victoria's Secret Are Tired Of Hearing

"So, you must have quite the lingerie collection..." *eye roll*

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2. "You must have quite the lingerie collection..."

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This is usually said by some skeeze who we meet at a bar or on a dating app. Yes, we may have a few pieces of lingerie, but you're not gonna even make it far enough to see them if you keep on creeping.

3. "Working with all those girls, you must get in cat fights all the time."

superiorgirls1 / Via

Quite the opposite, actually. When you work with the same group of girls so often, sometimes situations get a little tense, but at the end of the day we're one big family.


6. "Her boobs are like, grapefruit size. What size is that?"

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This is usually asked by a well-meaning man who just wants to buy something nice for his wife or girlfriend. But if you don't come in with a real size, there's not much we can do to help you.

8. "You work at Victoria's Secret? That's...nice."

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This is usually said by our boyfriend's mother or grandmother who we are meeting for the first time. Working at VS does not make us a bad influence on your son!


10. "You don't have gift wrap?"

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We have boxes, bags, and tissue paper, and we will try our hardest to make your gift look amazing. If you want personal gift wrapping services, you'll have to hire someone for that.

12. "There's no way I'm that size!"

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Our initial measurement is just that, a measurement. But if what we measure ends up being your perfect fit, embrace it! Size is just a number and being comfortable trumps a number any day.


13. "I bet VS only hires stick-thin, model-type girls."

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Nope! We come in all different shapes and sizes, just like everyone else. Weight, height, age, or beauty does not indicate how hard of a worker you will be.

14. "Your bras are too expensive."

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We know our products fall on the pricier side and we realize this purchase is an investment in your wardrobe, but we promise you everything is of the highest quality and you'll love what you walk out the door with.

15. "The Semi Annual Sale only has crazy colored bras and panties."

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Semi Annual Sale is the perfect time to find those beautiful lace, embellished, and fashionably colored bras that we all longingly wish we could justify buying year-round. Now they're offered at a great price. Use it to your advantage. You can find that everyday essential nude bra any day.

16. "Your swimwear is too sexy for my daughter. Don't you have something a little more child-friendly?"

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This is Victoria's Secret, not Limited Too. You've gotta have some expectations when shopping for swimwear here.

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