31 Signs You Are The Liz Lemon Of Your Friend Group


1. Some may call you a pessimist, but you know you’re just in touch with reality.

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2. You’re a really good liar.

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3. …well, most of the time.

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Girl can’t always remember her Princess Leia costume, you know?

4. You’re not the most flexible when it comes to attending parties.

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5. Mainly because you only like quiet music and being in bed by 10 pm.

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6. But it’s only because you throw the BEST parties.

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7. Whatever. Just as long as no one is serving oxygen, you’re happy.

8. People don’t always understand your genius.

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9. You and your BFF are (almost) always on the same page.

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10. And you’re so good at understanding rap songs!

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11. It’s a universal fact that you clean up nice.

12. Yeah, you clean up REALLY nice.

13. You’re not afraid to call someone out.

14. Especially online. You LOVE calling people out online.


15. You’re not even opposed to calling out inanimate objects.

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16. It takes you a long time to reach first base.

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17. But that’s okay, you have your priorities in order.

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18. I mean, there are plenty of things you can do alone on a Friday night.

19. And maybe dating isn’t really your thing in the first place.

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20. Whatever! There are a LOT of things to celebrate besides love!

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21. You’re an exceptionally efficient dresser.

22. Your best friend is a little critical of you.

Especially since badgers are so freaking cute.

23. But you know that above everything else, you share a totally unspoken, unbreakable, un-understandable-by-anyone-else bond.

NBC / Via pandawhale.com

24. And even when they’re not around, your BFF is still somehow always with you (in spirit or in Snapchat — usually both).

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25. You’ll admit it: dancing isn’t really your thing. Doesn’t mean you won’t go out there and shake your groove thang.

26. So you keep doing you, Liz.

NBC / Via blahbethany.com

27. You keep on protecting what’s yours.

NBC / Via celebuzz.com

28. You keep on giving that sage advice.

NBC / Via hercampus.com

29. You keep on owning that Snuggie.

NBC / Via bustle.com

30. You keep on asking all the tough questions.

NBC / Via tumblr.com

31. And above all else, keep living by that timeless motto:

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