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12 Times Augustus Waters Stole Your Heart

Warning: spoilers. And possibly some tears.

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1. When he was a little pretentious.

Let's be honest here: you secretly thought Gus was a little pretentious at first. The roller coaster? Oblivion? But according to John Green's Reddit AMA it was all totally intentional:

"...[Augustus] makes the journey from strength to weakness, which is the opposite of the usual hero’s journey. He starts out this confident, pretentious kid who’s extremely performative in his every action. And then he becomes vulnerable. He becomes cracked open."

The metaphor? So pretentious. But also, so adorable.

5. When he knew how to talk dirty.

This is awesome, not just because he's clearly got a way with words, but because he calls her Hazel Grace. He ALWAYS calls her Hazel Grace.

According to John Green's website, "Hazel makes a point early in the novel that she likes people (like Gus/Augustus) with two names, and that has always just been Hazel, a name that doesn’t lend itself to nicknames. But Gus finds a way to choose her name anyway by calling her Hazel Grace. I just liked that, I guess."

Sexy and sweet? A girl can't ask for more.

6. When his date planning was ON POINT.

He's almost as good at planning dates as the guys on The Bachelor (even though everyone knows The Bachelor does NOT plan his own dates).

Also, any date that involves being whisked away to a European country is clearly a winner.

7. When he just said it.

Is it because he knows he has cancer? Maybe. But either way, Augustus has absolutely no fear when it comes to telling Hazel how he feels. Sometimes being blunt is bad but Gus makes it the best thing in the world.

8. When he looked like a GREAT kisser.

Sure, you can only get so much info about the quality of a kiss from an outside perspective but it's definitely clear that Augustus:

-has a solid understanding of head-tilt angles

-is excellent at the pre-kiss hug

-doesn't appear to be attacking her mouth with his mouth

That's more than enough to warrant an A+ in the kissing department.

9. When he just understood.

A lot of guys might say, "It's really stupid that an old swing set is making you cry.

But not Augustus Waters. That boy understood, came right over, and did what he could to make things better.

So that must mean if you called Augustus upset about a C+ on a paper you thought was perfect, or because your mom got mad that you didn't clean the bathroom even though she didn't even TELL you to clean the bathroom, or because PMS was happening and you were just SO mad at the world for no really great reason...

Augustus would be by your side just as quickly as his poor driving abilities would let him be. Swoon.

10. When he was a really good friend.

There's something so cool about a guy that's awesome to his friends. Sure, vandalism of private property is a questionable way to spend an afternoon, but in this one case it's extremely justified.

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