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Is Autofellatio Right for You ?

Here's a quick overview of the tutorial the writers at College Sex Advice put together to help you figure out how get your dick in your mouth.

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  • Some of the prerequisites are overall health of your back and neck. If you have a slipped disk, misaligned vertebrae, or any other chronic back problem, we don't advise attempting autofellatio. Even those with healthy and normal backs need to exercise caution and not push themselves when self sucking to avoid back injuries.

  • The easiest and probably most effective position for autofellatio is lying on your back. You'll probably want to use a bed, sofa, or other cushioned surface for comfort, although practicing on a carpeted floor can sometimes give you better leverage. You should have a wall or a headboard nearby to brace your feet against. Lie down (naked, of course) with the top of your head at least a foot from the wall. Pull your legs up and roll back onto your shoulders, raising your legs over your head. Brace your feet on the wall and walk your way down until your crotch is close to your face. Lift your head up if necessary to get closer.

  • A variation on this position is the gravity-assisted method, where you simply lie back, throw your legs up over your head, and let gravity pull them down.

  • The seated position is another good one for autofellatio beginners. Simply sit on the edge of a chair, couch, or bed, and bend down towards your dick, curving your back. Be sure you suck in your gut to get it out of the way. Grab onto the edge of whatever you're sitting on and use it to pull yourself further down. Or hook an arm under your knees and pull up. You may want to keep one hand on your dick to steady it, or to pull it upwards towards your mouth. In this position you need to use a bobbing motion of your head or upper body to go down on yourself. Again, don't strain your back or neck or move too suddenly.

  • If you're already really flexible, or you've mastered the basic positions and are ready to move on, you can try a more advanced posture. In the lying position, place your knees on either side of your head and see how far down you can lower your crotch. Some guys are so limber they can get their balls in their mouths. Those with really flexible hip joints can attempt the human pretzel maneuver, where you put your feet up over your head and essentially fold yourself in half, then lock your legs into position by crossing your feet behind your head.

  • Standing positions are also more challenging. Start by leaning your back against a wall for support and doubling over. You can clasp your hands behind your thighs and pull down to get yourself closer. As you get more flexible and improve your balance, stand away from the wall and reach down and grasp your calves for stability.

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