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8 Cool, Strange, Creepy Twitter Apps

A few Twitter apps you may have missed.

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  • 1. e-Penis

    Always wanted to know how big your e-Penis is ?

  • 2. Twumped

    Twumped is basically a website that shows the twitter users that have recently broken up or been dumped by their girlfriend/boyfriend, and then allows you to message the twitter account owner.

  • 3. Twitter Friends Network Browser

    Twitter Friends Network Browser lets you type in a user name, and you get a map of their Twitter picture, their name and their latest tweet, and the same goes for their friends. Click or drag the icon to see more info.

  • 4. textgasm

    Textgasm allows you to share your secrets in 140 characters or less and other users are able to post comments or cast votes.

  • 5. Post like a Pirate

    Post like a Pirate is pretty self explanatory Matey.

  • 6. Cursebird

    Cursebird shows you a real-time feed of swearing on Twitter.

  • 7. Twitter Tussle

    Enter the two terms you want to see compete and Twitter Tussle will create a bird fight to the death to see which of the words is more popular on Twitter.

  • 8. TwitterLoo

    TwitterLoo has been dubbed as "The weirdest Twitter application you'll ever use!"