• 2 million dollars

    3000 brilliant cut white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes, all set in 18 karat white gold. ~Source

  • 3 million dollars

    The diamonds are in a harlequin pattern and contain white, champagne and cognac colored diamonds. There is also a 16-carat heart shaped champagne diamond pendant dangling in the middle. ~Source

  • 5 million dollars

    3,575 black diamonds, 117 one carat white diamonds and 34 rubies, it also features two black diamond droplets weighing more than 100 carats. ~Source

  • 6 million dollars

    2,000 diamonds - the centerpiece is a 10-carat diamond brooch. ~Source

  • 10 million dollars

    1,150 ruby roses and 1,600 emerald leaves, 60-carat Mouawad Mondera Diamond. ~ Source

  • 10 million dollars

    Featuring a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond. ~Source

  • 11 million dollars

    Diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones weighing 500 carats. ~Source

  • 12 million dollars

    90-karat flawless diamond, as well as thousands of sapphires and diamonds. ~Source

  • 12.5 Million dollars

    2900 pave set diamonds, 22 ruby gemstones, a 101 karat diamond and set in 18-carat white gold. ~Source

  • 15 million dollars

    300 stones, including 300 carats-worth of glittering Thai rubies surrounded by sprays of diamonds. ~Source

  • 30 million dollars

    Good Lord the photoshop on this sucks ass. Diamonds and platinum. ~Source