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Instagram Has Made A Slight Change And People Couldn't Be Happier

Gone are the days of sitting, waiting and wishing to hit 11 likes.

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For as long as anyone can remember, 11 has been the magic number on Instagram. Eleven was the number that turned a messy list of 10 usernames into a clean, crisp double-digit.

But all that has changed. A recent update has now lowered that magic number to 4.

What once could be a long waiting game...

Nothing's more irritating than an Instagram post getting under 11 likes

The struggle to 11 Instagram likes is real...

How do people get over a hundred likes on Instagram? I have to like my own pictures to get over 11

I could care less about the amount of likes I get on #Instagram, as long as it gets past 11 and doesn't list all of the usernames anymore.

Happiness is when you get 11 likes on an Instagram picture

Has gotten to be a little shorter.

But look at how great this change is! So neat! So uncluttered!

@sarah_spiro / Via Instagram

It's beautiful. 😭

@sarah_spiro / Via Instagram

And people couldn't be happier about the change.

Since when has Instagram said the number of likes before it got to 11?! It looks so tidy I love it😭😭

No longer are the days of waiting until 11 likes to have the names go away on Instagram

#instragram So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye instagram degradation due to less than 11 likes ✌ πŸ‘Š

Instagram finally changed it to where you see numbers and not names for likes, even if you have less than 11. PRAISES

You no longer need 11 likes on Instagram before it doesn't list followers individually which means my self-esteem is at an all-time high.

Thanks, Instagram, for making us feel as popular as ever.

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