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    20 Signs You Went To The University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

    Alma will always welcome you with open arms.

    1. You spent Monday night at Joe's, Tuesday night at Cly's, Wednesday night at Kam's, and the rest of the week at The Red Lion.

    2. Even if you never attended a football game, you still knew how to have fun on Saturday mornings at block.

    3. But if you did go to football games, it was probably to watch or be a part of Block I.

    4. You know that orange and blue is the best color combination.

    5. No matter what others say, you know your campus is really beautiful.

    6. Alma will always welcome you with open arms.

    7. You'll never forget hearing songs echoing from Altgeld while walking across campus.

    8. Having a lecture at Foellinger could sometimes be overwhelming, but being in a class with 900 other people was actually kind of cool.

    9. You'll never again encounter such fearless squirrels anywhere else in the world.

    10. It was impossible to find a seat in the library during finals.

    11. Walking anywhere from PAR/FAR was a real struggle.

    12. But regardless of where you needed to go on campus, the 22 Illini bus could probably get you there.

    13. If you lived in Bromley, you became friends with every food delivery person on campus.

    14. You were forever grateful that every restaurant you could ever want was conveniently located on Green Street.

    15. You always had a wide variety of drunk foods to choose from.

    16. Rushing a sorority or fraternity might have been stressful, but you have friends for life as a result.

    17. Because of Greek life, you went to more themed parties than you would like to admit...

    18. ...and Ragstock was your go-to place for costumes.

    19. Even if Greek life wasn't your thing, there was still always something to do.

    20. You know that, despite being surrounded by cornfields for miles, you'll never forget the years you spent at the best school ever.