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17 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Going Through Sorority Recruitment

And what could describe these thoughts better than GIFs?

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1. "Why are they singing at me?"

2. "Is my makeup ok?"


3. "Do I have anything in my teeth?"

4. "When do we get to eat?"

5. "My feet are killing me."


6. "They call this entertainment?"

7. "This song is kinda catchy."

8. "I hope I never have to come back to this house again."

9. "I swear if I have to answer this question one more time..."

10. "I'm still hungry."

11. "Please tell me I don't look like that girl."

12. "I wonder how many times they've had to sing this song."

13. "My mouth hurts from smiling so much."

14. "Did you really just ask me that question again?"

15. "That quite possibly could have been the worst conversation I've ever had."

16. "I wonder if other girls are judging me as much as I'm judging them."

17. "I think I found my home."

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