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    18 Products You Need If You're A Sweaty Human Being

    🎵It's gettin' hot in here🎵

    1. A pack of bamboo charcoal facial blotting papers that'll soak up all of that grease from your sweaty face.

    2. A pack of facial wipes with naturally-sourced cucumber extract that will cool your skin down — and get rid of the mascara that’s melted off your eyelashes and gotten smudged all over your face.

    3. A makeup setting spray that will keep your face matte and shine free on even the hottest of days. No more looking at the mirror at 3 p.m and realizing your eyeliner is halfway across your face.

    4. An antibacterial bra liner that will prevent rashes from the dreaded boob sweat. The breathable cotton material also means your bra will be way more comfy, since it provides a bit of padding against your skin.

    5. An anti-chafe balm stick that will protect your inner thighs from the loathsome chub rub. Plus, it won’t clog your pores, nor will it mess up your clothes.

    6. Or you can try an anti-chafing cream that’s so legit, professional cyclists use it to protect their skin on long-distance rides.

    7. A mini fan that folds up small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it perfect for walking through Disney (or even just down the street) on a super hot day. And it’s USB chargeable, so you don’t need to keep replacing batteries!

    8. A super strong antiperspirant that will keep your pits dry for an impressive 72 hours — and it won’t wash off when you shower or bathe. So long, pit stains!

    9. A lightweight matte primer that will prevent your face from becoming a shiny mess. It works perfectly on its own or under makeup — and it’ll minimize the appearance of your pores!

    10. An odour- and rash-preventing cream that will keep… things… feeling fresh, because it can get a little swampy… you know, down there.

    11. Or a soothing powder gel that will keep your bikini area from chafing, because itchy private parts are probably not your idea of a good timeOr

    12. A pair of lacy bandelettes that will prevent that horrible inner-thigh chafing, so you can avoid the awkward “I’m-trying-not-to-let-my-thighs-touch” waddle. Plus, they’re actually very sexy!

    13. A cooling towel that you just soak in water, wring out, and snap a couple of times, and it’ll stay chilled for at least three hours. It’ll help to quickly bring down your body temperature when you’re sweating through your clothes.

    14. A super cute set of scrunchies to keep your hair off of your neck and out of your face — you know, for when it’s so hot, you just want to chop it all off.

    15. A pack of flushable wet wipes for when you need to clean up your downstairs area after a day of sweating through your underwear. Sometimes you just need to freshen things up down there 🤭.

    16. An insulated water bottle that’ll keep your water nice and cold, because there’s nothing more satisfying than chugging icy liquids when you’re overheating. It’ll keep hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours, and cold liquids cold for up to 24!

    17. A long-lasting, soothing formula that will protect your skin from any possible thing that will try to irritate it. You'll finally understand why your grandparents swear by it. Because Grandma always knows what's up.

    18. A soothing clay foot powder that will get rid of nasty shoe funk, keep your feet dry, and actually prevent excess sweating — even in flats and sneakers.

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