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    21 Pieces Of Plus-Sized Fashion You’ll Want To Wear All Autumn Long

    Happy fall, y'all.

    1. A chic blazer that'll instantly elevate any outfit you add it to. It has a bit of stretch, so your arms won't be stuck to your side like a T-Rex if you need to lift them over your head.

    2. A cozy fleece jacket that’ll surround you in plushy warmth during your afternoon coffee runs. The sleeves have thumbholes at the cuffs, so your hands will stay warm while you’re out and about.

    A person wears a fleece zip-up sweater over a shirt and leggings

    3. A stretchy dress covered in bats, stars, and moons that'll get you ready for the ~spooky~ season. It has a swingy skirt, a sweet tie detail at the neck, and a sash that'll highlight your waist.

    4. Or a dramatic black leopard print velvet sheath dress that'll help you channel your inner Morticia Addams (🎵duh-nuh-nuh-nuh, *snap snap*🎵). It has loose sleeves and a ruched waist that flows into a wrap-like skirt, so it would pair great with heels and a bold red lip.

    A person wears a leopard print dress that's ruched at the waist and a pair of fishnet stockings

    5. A pair black leggings with faux leather details on each leg — plus, the high waist and elasticized band won’t dig into your tummy.

    A person wears a pair of leggings with faux leather panels and runners

    6. Or a pair of plaid leggings, if you're looking to mix up your style. They have a touch of Spandex to keep you comfortable and a wide waistband that you can tuck blouses and shirts into.

    A person wears a pair of plaid leggings with ankle boots

    7. A cotton crew neck T-shirt with a moody kitty enjoying its solitude on a cloudy day. The shirt has a little bit of stretch to it that’ll help show off your shape — people will admire what a catch you are.

    A person wears a crew neck t shirt with a print of a cat looking outside a window

    8. A pair of jeans that are a little thicker and less stretchy than normal denim for a more rigid fit. They have distress marks at the knees for a shabby-chic vibe.

    A person wears a pair of distressed jeans and heels

    9. Or a pair of high-waisted pants that'll match the leaves as they start to turn colour. They have two-way stretch in them as well as no labels or tags in the back, so they’ll be comfy enough to wear during a day of apple picking.

    A person wears a pair of high waisted jeans paired with nude heels

    10. A crew neck sweater with a sassy leopard print. Throw it on over a shirt when you’re feeling a bit chilly at your desk, or style it with accessories for a more put-together look.

    A person wears a leopard print sweater with a denim jacket around their waist

    11. A cheerful blouse with a relaxed fit, an empire waist, and a swingy hem. The tassel strings at the neck can be tied for left loose, depending on your mood.

    A person wears a loose top with elasticized cuffs and ties with tassels that are tied up

    12. A corduroy jacket tthat’s styled like a denim jacket, but will keep you way warmer. It’s got four sets off functional pockets (!!!) and the hem hits just at the hip.

    A person wears a corduroy jacket over a shirt and jeans

    13. Or a faux leather moto jacket that'll add a hint of badass to any outfit. The asymmetrical front will look just as good left open over a blouse as it will zipped all the way up.

    A person wears a faux leather jacket over a shirt and jeans

    14. A knee-length swingy skirt that sits at the waist. It has a comfortable A-line shape that’ll skim over your hips, a removable tie sash, and best of all, it has POCKETS.

    A person wears a swingy skirt with a tie at the waist and a tucked in turtleneck

    15. A button-up skirt that’ll easily pair with flats, fashion sneakers, or knee-high boots.

    A person wears an above knee length skirt with buttons and a tucked in blouse

    16. A plaid jumper with button straps that'll give you a sexy librarian vibe. The straps are adjustable and removable, so you can wear it as a skirt if you prefer, and it has hidden pockets to keep your chapstick or hand sanitizer.

    A person wears a skirt jumper with two straps and a blouse underneath

    17. A jersey turtleneck that you'll find yourself reaching for over and over again. You can use it as a base layer to wear underneath sweaters and coats or just wear it on its own.

    A person wears a turtleneck tucked into a pair of jeans

    18. A cami with a scalloped edge that’ll look lovely under a cardigan or jacket. It’s super soft and has adjustable straps, so you can decide how much you want to flaunt.

    A person wears a floral camisole

    19. A pair of joggers that are the perfect mix of fashion and comfort. They’re moisture-wicking, so they’ll keep you dry if you’re going for an afternoon walk or doing a heavy workout. And the pockets will easily hold your phone (or your snacks).

    A person ears a pair of joggers and runners

    20. A lightweight tunic with a longer hem in the back that’ll cover your butt. The flowy fit can be worn loose or pushed into a French tuck that’ll make Tan France proud.

    A person wears a tunic with a high low hem that's buttoned up

    21. And lastly, a soft flannel shirt, because what's more perfect for fall than this classic print? It has hidden buttons on the inside that'll prevent the bust from gaping, so you won't have to worry about showing anything you don't want to.

    A person wears a flannel shirt thats halfway tucked into jeans and rolled up at the wrist

    You at everything on this list:

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