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    33 Life-Bettering Products You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Get On Amazon Canada

    Making your life a little better, one thing at a time.

    1. A food divider that'll keep your food from touching, if that's the kinda thing that irks you. You can safely keep your cereal separated from your milk — or your chips from touching your salsa.

    A bowl with milk in one compartment and cereal in another

    2. A travel organizer with RFID-technology to keep all of your cards safe. It has a secure spot for your passport, boarding pass, and credit cards, so you'll have all of the important stuff in one safe place.

    3. A tote bag that'll discreetly hold and pour an entire two bottles of wine. Just pour your favourite blend into the insulated, removable, hidden pouch, and pour it out through the little tap on the outside of the bag as needed.

    4. A cutting and resealing tool that'll help you keep your food as fresh as possible. It uses micro heating technology to instantly reach the sealing temperature, so all you have to do slowly run the device over an open bag.

    A person uses a sealing device on a bag of nuts

    5. A beverage warming device that’ll keep your caffeine warm for hours if you’re a slow drinker, or if you constantly get interrupted while trying to enjoy your drink. It has an extra-long cord that plugs into the wall and can also be used to keep cocoa or even soup warm.

    6. Some camera covers that'll cover your phone and laptop camera if you feel a little leery about leaving them exposed. It’s easy to apply and remove, and when you want to actually use your camera, all you do is slide the cover open with your finger.

    7. A s'more maker that'll let you have a little camping treat when you can't actually make it out into the great outdoors. Just fill the reservoir with water, add in your chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers, stick it in the microwave, and you'll have melty goodness in 30 seconds.

    The device in the mircrowave

    8. Some underarm pads that stick right onto your pits to prevent the dreaded stains. They’re all-natural and also absorb odour as well as sweat, so if you plan on wearing a light-coloured top during your next selfie session, they may help you out!

    A person wrapped in a towel lifts their arm in the air and has an adhesive on their armput

    9. A posture corrector that'll help if you find yourself hunching after a day spent sitting at your desk. Just slip it on under your clothes and you'll find yourself standing taller immediately.

    A person is wearing a posture corrector pictured from the back

    10. An ice roller that’ll quickly cool your face down after your workout, or even just during a particularly hot day. Just put the green roller part in the fridge or freezer for ten minutes and then roll over your face for some instant relief.

    A hand holds the ice roller

    11. Some cooling wine glasses that’ll get your wine to the right temperature, if you didn’t have time to pre-chill it. Put the glasses in the freezer if you plan on drinking white, rosé, or bubbly, or put a glass in the fridge if you like your red wine a little cooled down (like a pinot noir).

    Three frosty wine glasses

    12. Some reusable grilled cheese toaster bags that'll let you make your favourite sandwich without creating a huge mess. Hot, gooey, melty cheese and bread is truly one of life's greatest joys, and these little bags make it so much more convenient. These also work for pitas and reheating pizza!

    A toaster oven with a grilled cheese in a bag in it

    13. A collapsible chair that has a built-in cooler that'll hold four cans or bottles, so you never have to leave your seat when you want an icy cold drink. It has a mesh container to keep a fifth drink close to hand and features a little pouch to hold personal items, like sunscreen or magazines.

    Two chairs in the woods

    14. A little T-Rex taco holder if you like to play with your food (don't we all?) and hate when your meal spills over and the filling falls out. It holds two tacos, toasts, or sandwiches upright for an unexpected Jurassic moment during mealtime.

    15. A personal cooling system that'll give you almost instant relief when you can't catch your breath. Unscrew the lid, add two cups of ice, put the lid back on, and turn it on for cool air within only ten seconds or so.

    16. Some Pedialyte pops that'll help rehydrate you if you've lost too much fluids and electrolytes. They contain sugar and sodium to quickly make you feel better and are a fun treat for adults as well as kids.

    A variety of pops are fanned out on a counter

    17. An odour- and rash-preventing cream for testicles that'll keep things feeling fresh down there if it tends to get a little swampy. It's made with peppermint and menthol that'll keep you dry and comfy all day.

    A person is standing outside holding the product

    18. A watermelon tapper, because drinks on the patio are arguably the best part of summer. It comes with instructions as well as a keg tap and a coring tool, so you can sip fruity (possibly boozy?) drinks all summer long.

    19. A wine glass that you just screw into the top of your bottle, so you can drink directly from it. You know you're going to finish the entire bottle anyways — might as well drink right out of it!

    20. A mini exercise bike if you hate going to the gym but want to get a little cardio in during the day. You can adjust the resistance to your preference, so just put it under your desk and get a bit of a sweat in during your 9-5.

    21. Some citronella candles that use natural aromatherapy to scare off the bloodthirsty bugs. They'll burn for about 15 hours and will add a pretty ambience to your outdoor setup.

    Candles in buckets with their wick lit

    22. A little dumpling press that'll help you create perfectly-sealed treats that won't spill their filling all over the place. It'll cut your pastry into a perfect circle, has a spoon to transfer your filling, and then crimps closed, so you don't have to do it with your fingers.

    23. Some cedar planks that'll infuse yummy flavour into your food, like salmon fillets or chicken thighs.

    Cedar planks on the barbecue with salmon and lemons on them

    24. A salad bowl and chopper that'll help you whip up a gourmet salad in no time, particularly if your knife skills aren't the ~sharpest~ (get it?). It has a non-slip handle that'll cut through lettuce, veg, cheese, and even some fruit, if you're feeling fancy.

    25. A facial cupping set that'll help improve blood flow to your skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Just hold the cup onto your skin, squeeze, and watch your skin plump up right before your eyes.

    A person uses the product under their eyebrow

    26. A silicone egg poacher that'll give you restaurant-quality Eggs Benedict every time. Poached eggs can be intimidating, but this little tool will help you get the job done. It’ll cradle the eggs while the funnel shape prevents the yolk from breaking, and the open bottom ensures a perfect poach.

    27. A chef's bottle that'll help you replicate that beautifully-plated meal you saw on YouTube. You can use it to drizzle olive oil into a pan, dressing onto salads, sauce into your meals, or chocolate syrup into your desserts (or directly into your mouth — I'm not judging).

    28. Some microfibre carwash mitts if you're the type of person who is very particular about what you let touch your vehicle. It'll absorb up to seven times its weight in water and can either be used for soaping up suds or drying all of the droplets.

    A hand wearing the product wipes a sudsy car

    29. A Step and Go that'll make using the toilet so much easier. It’ll help your body get into a squatting position that’ll help you poop more easily, and you’ll wonder how you managed all these years without it.

    A step and go stool by a toilet

    30. A potty putter, because hey, you might as well make use of your time on the toilet, right? It'll help even the ~crappiest~ of golfers improve their game.

    A person plays golf while sitting on the toilet

    31. A fabric defuzzer that'll make your clothes look as good as new. Just plug it into a USB charger and it'll get rid of pills, lint, fluffs, and fuzzies from your sweaters, jackets, sheets, cushions, and more!

    32. A scalp massager that'll stimulate the roots of your hair and help you say goodbye to dandruff. This lil’ guy also helps you get through the tough knots that you’ve been neglecting, so you’ll finally be able to run a brush through your mane without any snags. It basically feels like a relaxing spa treatment, but at home.

    A person uses the product in her hair

    33. And lastly, a face-vacuuming tool that'll help you remove gunk from your pores. It has four probes and three modes that’ll suck up blackheads, whiteheads, and excess oil, plus it’ll help to erase fine lines and exfoliate dead skin cells.

    A picture of the product with explanations on how to use it

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