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    20 Products You Might Need If You Simply Cannot Wait For Fall

    It's almost fall, y'all.

    1. A festive wreath made with all of the best parts of the changing weather: colourful leaves, pinecones, and gourds. Hang it above your fireplace, on a wall that needs jazzing up, or put it on your door to let all your neighbours know you're ready for the cooler months.

    A wreath with autumn leaves pinecones and gourds

    2. A massive blanket sweatshirt that'll keep you surrounded in fleecey comfort when the temperatures start to dip. It has a hood and a giant pocket, which is perfect for carrying around snacks, and it can be thrown in the wash if it starts to smell too much like campfire smoke.

    3. A coffee blend that'll add a little sweet kick to your morning cup of caffeine. It's a medium roast that gives off a maple-y aroma, and if you want the scent and flavour to be even more intense, try brewing it in a French press.

    Two cups of coffee on a table beside a package of the coffee

    4. And a mug that'll let everyone know you're ready for all of the treats and beverages that start rolling out in September. Maple and cinnamon are great, but if you're a die-hard PSL fan, this might be the mug you need for the upcoming season.

    A mug that says if loving pumpkin spice is wrong I don't want to be right

    5. A scented candle that smells like a basket of delicious handpicked tart apples. It's made of paraffin wax that'll burn for about 110-150 hours, which means you'll have plenty of nights with this mouth-watering aroma.

    A candle with a lid and a macintosh apple on the front surrounded by applies and spices

    6. Or some essential oils that smell like warmth and spice. Burn them in your aroma diffuser or add them to soap bases, wax candles, perfume, and homemade cleaning products. And if you love your long baths, you can even put a few drops in your bathtub to unwind.

    A set of six essential oils in apple cider cinnamon pumpkin pie coffee cake gingerbread and harvest spice

    7. Some flavoured honey that's 100% Canadian and the perfect addition to your tea, coffee, toast, waffles, and baked treats. It has no yucky preservatives and comes in a squeeze tube that'll keep the honey from crystallizing and help you avoid making a mess on the kitchen counter.

    Tubes of the product arranged in a triangle formation

    8. Or some cookies made with pure, fresh pumpkin to tide you over until all the bakeries roll out their fall treats. They have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that'll have you reaching for just one more (okay, maybe a handful more) and would also make a lovely hostess gift.

    A box of cookies in their package on a table

    9. A compact waffle maker that'll make the cutest lil' pumpkin-shaped treats. You can even cook up paninis and hash browns in it when you're in the mood for something more savoury.

    A mini waffle maker with a pumpkin shaped waffle in it

    10. Some cute square pillow covers so you can bring the joy of fall to your bed or couch, too. They're made of soft cotton-linen, so they're totally nap friendly. If you get too much drool on them, just unzip the covers and throw them in the wash!

    A pillow that says pumpkin spice and everything nice a pillow that says fall harvest a pillow that says happy fall ya'll and a pillow with leaves and pumpkins

    11. A cozy little home or your furry friend that is both hilarious and adorable. It's great for cats and smaller dogs to hide in when they need a break, and will most definitely provide you with some Instagram gold.

    A cat emerges from a pumpkin shaped car home

    12. Some maple leaf cookie cutters, so you can make sugary seasonal treats for everyone at home. The set contains five cutters of various sizes and comes with a little storage tin, so you don't lose one in that drawer that eats everything.

    13. A jigsaw puzzle that'll transport you to a sweet little village overlooking the water with a bridge and warm fall colours. It has 1000 pieces, so it'll keep you busy for a good amount of time, and it'd look very pretty framed on your wall when you've finished it.

    A box of a puzzle with a canal and warm lights and autumn leaves

    14. A sugar-free flavoured syrup to add a yummy punch to your coffee, tea, sodas, and desserts. You could even get a little fancy and add it into your adult beverages — pumpkin pie martinis, anyone?

    A person holding a drink with a bottle of the product on the table beside a slice of pumpkin pie

    15. A print poster of a black cat sipping wine, which is truly a whole damn mood. If you're pumped for the ~spooky season~ to arrive, this little friend seems to give off Halloween-y vibes and I'm into it.

    A poster that says black cat winery salem always a purrfect vintage with a black cat drinking wine

    16. Some garlands to decorate your house with, because there's nothing more autumnal than red leaves. You can hang them on your walls, wrap them around your banisters, or have them strewn across your table for a rustic feel.

    17. And some decorative knickknacks to scatter around your house. Pop some pinecones on a bookcase, add some gourds to your centrepiece, and toss some mini pumpkins on your front table to welcome the end of the warm months.

    Hands golding gourds mini pumpkins pinecones and maple leaves

    18. A chunky scarf that'll keep you warm and snuggly during afternoon wanders around the city. It's made of super-soft yarn and cotton that won't scratch at your neck, and it won't fade or pill over time.

    19. Some dish towels that I can picture holding a beautiful pumpkin pie that's just come out of the oven. They bring an easy pop of the season to your decor while also being totally functional.

    20. And lastly, a bathroom spray that'll mask the scent of what actually goes on in there. The spray is made with pumpkin, cinnamon, and citrus natural essential oils that'll seal in the odour of your business when you spritz it over your toilet bowl before you go.

    A box of the product

    Sames, Winnie. Sames.

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