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    18 Feel-Good Summer Novels That'll Help If You Need A Break From The Real World

    Grab some lemonade and get settled on the patio.

    1. Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews, which is about a small-town reporter who lands a hot-shot gig at a big paper in a big city. When the job falls apart before she can start, she takes a job with her sister writing a gossip column, which she loathes. However, after witnessing an accident that sends her digging for facts, she may have found a story that will rock the small town to its core.

    The book propped up in the sand with a beer

    2. A novel called Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory. It's about a lawyer who is new to town and hits it off with a very handsome man who just happens to be a junior senator. She expects him to be another privileged white politician, but is surprised to find out he's actually really sweet. Will their relationship survive public scrutiny?

    The book is flat on a table with a martini

    3. You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle that's about a perfect couple who are just three months away from their fairytale wedding. The only problem is that they hate each other, but the person who breaks the engagement has to foot the nonrefundable wedding bill. As they try to sabotage and prank each other without the pretense of being perfect, they start to realize they might actually be having fun.

    The book flat on a table

    4. The Magnolia Sisters by Alys Murray, which tells the story of a woman and her sisters who are taking over the family farm after their dad retires. An L.A. business mogul is hiking up the prices of real estate and slowly putting her family out of business, but he offers them a chunk of money if he can use their farm for his sister's wedding. The two eventually strike a deal and they start falling for each other — but she's not quite sure if she can trust him and his intentions.

    The book stands upright on a ledge against a field

    5. The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez which is about a woman who unexpectedly finds herself with a dog after getting her heart broken. Just as she's starting to feel like herself again, the dog's owner reaches out because he wants the dog back. They start texting and eventually start falling for each other, but she's wary that he's just another guy that won't stick around.

    The book against a background of flowers

    6. Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras that's about a young woman from a very successful family who's finally starting to get her act together — until her fiancé is a no-show for her big Cuban family's vacation in Florida. She recruits a local firefighter to play the part of her fianceé, but as they delve farther into the ruse, the feelings begin to spark.

    The book against a beach hat

    7. The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa, which tells the story of a bride who gets jilted at the alter after the best man convinces the groom to call it off. Fast forward a few months later, the jilted bride and best man find themselves having to work together on a project that crosses through both of their industries. That's when they discover that animosity isn't the only feeling the two share for each other.

    The book against a pink background

    8. The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward, in which a 70-year-old woman wins a European vacation in an erotic essay writing competition. She invites her three estranged children to join the trip. As they pack their bags, they start to delve into their emotional baggage and the decisions that led to them drifting apart. Are they navigating adulthood as their most authentic selves?

    A flat copy of the book

    9. No, We Can't Be Friends by Sophie Ranald, which is about a woman who is head-over-heels in love with the perfect guy — until she learns his giant secret. After drowning her sorrows in ice cream, she sets out on an adventure to love herself more than she loved the so-called love of her life.

    A copy of the book stacked on other copies

    10. The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms, which tells the story of an overworked and under-appreciated mom. She's randomly surprised by her ex who abandoned her and the kids. He offers to keep the children for the summer, which she accepts and then sets off to New York City. There, she rediscovers herself amid culture, art, and a few blind dates, one of which proves to be promising. But as the summer winds down, she has to choose between the exciting new chapter of her life and returning to the life she left behind.

    A copy of the book against the sand with the ocean

    11. The Summer Hideaway by Jenny Hale, which is about two friends who decide to leave the city and open an ice cream shop in the small town where one of them grew up. As their store begins to take off, a romance builds between one of the women and the town's handsome doctor. One day, she discovers a letter hidden in her family's beach house that could turn everything upside down.

    A Kindle version of the book on a reader on a table

    12. I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella, which tells the story of how an interaction with a handsome stranger left one woman with an IOU note that she never intends on cashing in. Stuck in the midst of family business and a childhood crush that comes back into her life, she cashes in the IOU which leads to numerous more IOU's passed between the two. She eventually has to decide if she has the courage to take a stand against her family and choose her own happiness, or continue to live life the way everyone expects her to.

    The book against a towel with a denim jacket and heartshaped sunglasses

    13. The Old Girls' Network by Judy Leigh that's about a 77-year-old woman who moves in with her sister after a health scare. The two women do not get along, but everything gets turned upside down after one sister accidentally knocks down a man on her bike and they nurse him back to health. As they get to know him, it becomes clear that he can become a huge catalyst in their life.

    A paper copy of the book and an e reader and a phone

    14. The Nantucket Inn by Pamela Kelley, which is about a widow who learns that her husband blew almost all of their savings on gambling. Needing to make a decision, she sells her home and decides to make a living running an inn, which she's unsure about since she hasn't worked in 30 years. Despite her reservations, she's determined to make the bed and breakfast work, and it touches her, her family, and the locals in surprising ways.

    The book on an e-reader with starfish, a hat and flip flops

    15. A book called Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner that examines the complexities of female friendships. After two best friends have a huge fight that results in them not speaking to each other for six years, one of the women reappears to ask the other to be her maid of honour — and what follows is a story of friendship, failure, and figuring out what matters.

    The book standing up on a desk

    16. The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner, which is a novel that focuses on Austen's hometown in the aftermath of World War II. A group of strangers that couldn't be more different from one another come together to preserve her home, her works, and her legacy, all for the love of literature.

    A flat copy of the books

    17. Seabreeze Inn by Jan Moran which tells the story about a recent widow who finds out her late husband spent their life savings on a beach house. With no other financial options, she heads to the house with her sister where she discovers that the mayor of the town is actually her former highschool crush who is vehemently opposed the rezoning of the beach house. Despite all the distractions, she's determined to salvage her livelihood in the small town and get her life back in order.

    The book in a bag with flowers

    18. And lastly, a novel called Beach Read by Emily Henry, which tells the stories about two writers living in neighbouring beach houses who are both fighting a case of writer's block. They strike up a deal to help each other out where everyone will finish a book, but no one will fall in love.

    A flat copy of the book

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