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30 Mistakes You'll Make On New Year's Eve (In Chronological Order)

But, like, this could be your best year yet.

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1. You decide to go out

2. You buy a black dress

3. You get a brazilian

4. You try the master cleanse

5. You buy the $120 bar cover ticket

6. But it was all-inclsuive!

7. You pay for a blow-out at 5pm

8. But it starts raining

9. You let your tipsy friend give you "smoky eye"

10. Your dress doesn't zip

11. So you wear a romper with tights.. you're not having sex

12. You pregame the pregame

13. Someone's wearing your romper at the pregame.... without tights

14. You contemplate going home

15. But the Uber rate is 5x the normal amount

16. You turn to fireball shots

17. You're now drunk enough to leave

18. You volunteer to pay for the Uber to the bar

19. Someone hands you 2015 glasses

20. You put them on

21. You pee with 3 other girls and realize it's 11:45pm

22. You survey your make-out options

23. Everyone's consciously coupled

24. You strategically place yourself in the bar next to the only single males

25. You actively participate in the countdown

26. At midnight, the single males begin to makeout... with eachother

27. You text your ex

28. Your main girl realizes the man she made out with doesn't speak english

29. You both decide you'd rather take home pizza anyway

30. You vow not to go out next NYE

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